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Exxentric equipment has a great track record in professional sports. But kBox and kPulley have also increasingly found their way into group training – for good reason. Their versatility makes them a perfect match for different training concepts such as HIT or circle training.

On top of that, the same set-up can be used for different trainees, whether they are experienced athletes, beginners or seniors.

  • All-in-One Solution

    kBox and kPulley, are multi-exercise devices enabling training for the whole body, whether for strength, power or metabolic conditioning. Run different types of classes with the same set-up.
  • Faster Results

    Flywheel Training is safe and allows you to train your clients more efficiently through variable resistance – without the need for changing weights in between sets or athletes.
  • Small Footprint

    No matter the size of your facility, kBox and kPulley take up little room and make serious group training possible in even the smallest of spaces.
  • Scalable

    Upgrade your set-up while growing you client base. You can start with just a couple of kBoxes and scale up as your concept gains traction and attracts more customers.

HITEX by Trime

HIT meets Eccentric Training
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Featuring the kPulley Go

Eccentric Training with the kPulley

High Energy

Dynamic Full-Body Training

Stand Out with Next Level Group Training

Serious strength training in group settings has always been a hassle. With traditional equipment, coaches would need to use a broad selection of barbells, dumbbells and weights to load their athletes sufficiently. Exxentric revolutionizes the modern group training set-up. With just a couple of kBox or kPulley devices, coaches can train all types of athletes, no matter their level of strength or experience. No need to change weights or equipment in between – Exxentric automatically adapts to everyone’s strength.

You want to learn more about how to leverage Flywheel Training for your training classes? Just contact us and our Flywheel Experts will help you out. We will support you in developing the perfect concept for your facility and advise you which products to employ to get the most out of your space. Furthermore, we can offer specialized education to provide you with all the necessary knowledge to run pro-level classes with your clients.


MON Q Booty Camp

50/50 Strength and Cardio for lower Body
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Featuring the kBox

Next Level Glute Training

It’s a Party

Train like you’re in the Club

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Want to Know More? 
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