• Goal: To understand the benefits of flywheel training, and to be able to use flywheel training safely and efficiently
  • Covers: The course will cover the fundamentals of iso-inertial training
  • Prerequisites: Online course & basic strength and conditioning experience assumed
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Cost: EUR 100 per participant
  • Included: snacks & refreshments and individual certification diploma


No experience is required for the User Course. Make sure you have taken the online courses at Exxentric Online Academy to get yourself a head-start.

Goals and Objectives

  • To learn more about the history of flywheel training
  • To get a basic knowledge of human strength and eccentric training
  • To understand the physiology and benefits of flywheel training
  • To be able to use flywheel training safely and efficiently for own usage
  • To learn more about the maintenance of kBox

Content and Structure

The course includes 4 hours of instruction on flywheel training with the kBox, with theoretical parts and different strength training exercises with the kBox flywheel device are practiced.


Clothing: We recommend training clothes to be able to participate in the practical sessions. Course content and other related materials will be delivered.

Local tax and expenses may be added to the costs above. Contact us with your location and group size for a detailed quote, or go back to courses.