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Valid from November 29, 2023

These Terms and Conditions apply to you as a customer (“you”) when placing an order to Exxentric AB or Exxentric North America, Inc. (“we”, “us”, “our”) through our webshop or otherwise. To enter into an agreement with Exxentric you will have to read through and accept our terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”, “Terms”) before you make any purchase. Please make sure that you have understood these terms and other documents referred to here before using this website.

This document (together with documents mentioned herein) constitutes the terms and conditions for the website exxentric.com and the purchase of products on it.

By entering the site, you agree to the terms and conditions and are bound to the purchase terms and object to our Privacy Policy. These terms may change and you are personally responsible to read them through and accept the conditions for every purchase you make on this website.

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions, please contact us and we will assist you.


Sales of equipment on this website is carried out under the trademark “EXXENTRIC” by Exxentric AB or Exxentric North America, Inc. (hereinafter Exxentric is also used) Swedish registration number 556842-8808, at Karlsbodavägen 39, 168 67 Bromma, Sweden, or PO BOX 67077, Portland, OR 97267-5623, United States.

Prior to using of any products from Exxentric, please read and understand the user manual and warning labels. In order to use products provided by Exxentric, some technical requirements need to be met.

Images and content on our website and social media platforms are either professional photographies or user-generated content. Exxentric takes no legal responsibility for such materials. In case you suspect a copyright infringement, or infringement of any other right, or for any other reason feel offended by the content published on the website, please contact our customer service.

All trademarks and copyright property on the website and material published on it are owned by Exxentric or the one who granted us permission for its use. Any use of the site or its content, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without our permission.

We reserve the right for any errors that may appear on the page and cannot guarantee that all pictures accurately reflect the true appearance of our products. The pictures may differ depending on the color settings on your computer. All pictures should be seen as illustrations only, and do not guarantee correct appearance and characteristics.


All products on this website remain Exxentric AB property until full payment has been made. You hereby agree that the corresponding invoice of any purchase is sent to you electronically unless otherwise agreed. Orders made in another person’s name without the person’s consent will be reported to the authorities.

The current prices of the Exxentric line of products are the prices listed on the website. Even though we do our best to ensure that all our actual prices are the ones listed, errors may occur. In case a price is so obviously incorrect that it cannot be else than mistaken we reserve the right to cancel the order even though we have sent you an order confirmation. We will inform you as soon as possible and make sure that you can enter the order at the correct price. If we can not contact you, the order will be considered cancelled and all payment already made will be fully refundable to you. We are not required to provide you with any product at the wrong listing price. For other price changes than described above, changes will not affect orders for which the delivery confirmation has been sent.

We have the right to adjust prices, involve additional cost,s and change product information such as product pictures and offers without notice. The product images and information texts available reflect the product as much as possible.

In order to proceed with the checkout and confirm your purchase, you are responsible to fill in the right order details before making the payment.

You can use Visa and Mastercard as payment methods. Exxentric does not store or handle any banking or credit card information and all transactions are encrypted to minimize the risk of third-party accessibility. Once the purchase is finalized on the website, we will make a reservation on your card to ensure that there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction. Your card will be charged once the order leaves our warehouse. If the card issuer does not accept payment execution, we will not be held liable for delivery failure and we will not enter into a purchase agreement with you.

To order on the Website, you must be 18 years or older. Exxentric, under Swedish law, has the right not to accept credit card payments from people under the age of 18 years. We reserve the right in individual cases to deny or change your order (for example, if you have given false personal information and/or have any record for non-payment of debt).

Promotion codes and vouchers may display a better condition than stated in the Purchase Terms above. Discounts to order are only applicable when the campaign is active and for the specific goods displayed by Exxentric. If any promotion code or voucher is incorrect or obviously wrong, we reserve the right to change these conditions without further notice and cancel the campaign. Limited time offer and campaigns on specific items will last as long as the supplies last or if another Term is stated. Such promotion or voucher codes may be restricted to the use of certain customers only.

Refurbished Inventory Sales

At our webshop, all our units undergo a meticulous process of cleaning, refurbishment, and upgrades to meet the latest industry standards. Consumable parts are replaced with brand new components. Additionally, they come complete with all the original accessories, including tools, angle adjuster, and user manual, just as you would find in the packaging of a new device.

We categorize our refurbished units into three distinct categories, with varying discount levels based on their condition:

  1. Excellent: These devices are either brand new with minor cosmetic imperfections, such as tiny scratches or bumps from production or transportation. These imperfections are usually only noticeable upon close inspection.

  2. Good: Devices in this category may have more visible cosmetic defects or show signs of slightly more use. You might find minor scratches in the powder coating, but they are still in excellent condition.

  3. Fully functional: Devices in this category have been used more extensively or exhibit clear cosmetic damage from production or transportation. They may feature significant scratches and wear from previous use but are fully functional, even in the case of older models no longer available for sale.


The Exxentric line of products is shipped directly from Sweden to customers worldwide. Deliveries are made in cooperation with different delivery services and are chosen depending on who is providing the best solution for Exxentric and the customer in each specific case. Depending on where the shipment is being sent, normal delivery time may vary from two business days to up to two weeks. As an alternative, customers are welcome to arrange to pick up at our final assembly facility in Stockholm, Sweden.

You have the right to cancel any order if it has not yet been shipped.

We are responsible for errors that have occurred within our control and for goods that are not shipped out. Everything that is beyond our control in connection with the delivery is limited to the terms of delivery of the shipment and what follows with these conditions. Exxentric has no liability for indirect product order losses.

Prices on the website are excluding shipping, handling, and local taxes and duties, some of which may be added to the total price in the checkout process. For shipments to the United States & Canada, customs duties are fully covered by Exxentric and local sales tax is added in the checkout if applicable.

Orders outside of the European Union may be subject to import duties and you are responsible for payments of such nature. Exxentric has no control over these charges since they differ worldwide. For more information about any customs duties in your country, please contact your local customs office.


Exxentric offers a 2-year warranty on all of our products for all customers that register their products after purchase within 12 months. Non-registered owners are still eligible for a 1-year warranty. The warranty begins the day equipment is delivered. Warranty does not cover any wearable parts such as, drive belts, extension cords, rubber on the pulley block, rubber mats, and feet pads. You can read more about our warranty and how to register your products on this page.


We offer all customers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for their first order of physical, standard Exxentric products. If you are not 100% happy with the product for any reason, you just need to return it intact within 30 days from receipt and pay the return cost for shipping. All returns must be approved before initiating the return shipment by emailing [email protected]. Following receipt of the undamaged products, Exxentric will reimburse you for the full price excluding any services ordered and any customized options (such as Custom Design). You must use the original containers for the return shipment. You can read about our Satisfaction Guarantee here.


Exxentric AB takes your privacy and security very seriously. We understand the responsibility you entrust us with when providing us with your information and are working very hard to protect it. Shopping at Exxentric requires some of your personal information to be stored in order to complete your purchase. Cookies may also be used to improve your website experience. You have the right, at any time, to request access to your personal information. By accepting the terms and conditions, you also agree to our Privacy Policy. You can find more information about our Privacy Policy here.


Exxentric shall be exempt from liability for damages and other penalties on the performance of the contract prevented, hindered or delayed by circumstances beyond our control. As the release factor should be considered include government intervention, new/amended legislation, lack of state, war, fire, flood, labor disturbance, prohibitions, restrictions, sabotage, poor transport or weather conditions or lack of delivery from suppliers and the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects activities.


Swedish law applies to these terms and your use of this website. To the extent the law allows, Swedish courts have exclusive jurisdiction regarding disputes arising out of these Terms or your use of the website, with the exception of cases where Exxentric voluntarily choose to take legal action against a customer/user where it has residence.


Exxentric reserves the right to modify the terms on the website at any time. Any changes to these terms will be posted on the website by Exxentric. Changes apply from the time you have accepted the terms (in conjunction with any new purchase or visits to the website), or 30 days after we have informed you about the changes. Exxentric, however, recommends that you check back to our Website regularly keeping yourself up to date.


If the competent court, authority, or arbitral tribunal finds that any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions to be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The provisions declared invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by relevant legal guidance and advice.



kBox Active

Kickstart your Flywheel Training with our entry-level kBox model. The perfect device for strength training, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and training in general. Available with our free Exxentric app to help guide you through your workouts.

From: $ 1,620

  • Ideal for...
  • • Home Gyms
  • • Personal Trainers
  • • Group Classes
Shop System

kBox Lite

The lightest kBox model, practical to pack and bring with you on the go. It not only offers a broader range of resistance compared to the Active model but its built-in kMeter feedback system also allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

From: $ 2,610

  • Ideal for...
  • • Travelling Athletes
  • • Fitness Studios
  • • Physiotherapy Rooms
Shop System

kBox Pro

The premium and best-selling kBox model with the largest performance area. Made for intense workouts and serious strength building exercises. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

From: $ 3,550

  • Ideal for...
  • • Professional Teams
  • • Performance Centers
  • • Physiotherapy Clinics
Shop System

kBox Legacy

Shortly after its initial launch in 2016, the kBox4 product line has been boosted by the kBox4 Active. And now with the launch of our user-inspired fifth generation of kBoxes we’re excited to offer better deals on the Legacy line until stocks last.

From: $ 1,420

  • Ideal for...
  • • Home Gyms
  • • Travelling Athletes
  • • Professional Teams
Shop System


The kPulley unlocks a variety of horizontal movements, creating limitless training possibilities especially when combined with the kBox. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

From: $ 2,070

  • Ideal for...
  • • Professional Teams
  • • Performance Centers
  • • Physiotherapy Clinics
Shop System

kPulley Go

Kickstart or enhance your Flywheel Training setup with one of our entry-level models. Its compact size and design provides you with freedom in your training, while also maintaining a great capacity for loading & variable resistance.

From: $ 1,100

  • Ideal for...
  • • Home Gyms
  • • Group Classes
  • • Physiotherapy Rooms
Shop System


These uniquely mobile machines allow you to incorporate leg extension & flexion movements into your training like never before with variable & unlimited resistance. Progress can be monitored in real-time and beyond through the Exxentric app.

From: $ 6,100

  • Ideal for...
  • • Professional Teams
  • • Health Clubs
  • • Physiotherapy Clinics
Shop System