Bigger, Better, Stronger. Discover The New kBox Gen 5.

Bigger, Better, Stronger. Discover The New kBox Gen 5.


Creating world-class Athletes since 2012

From making major league sports teams, such as the Buffalo Sabres, stronger and faster on the field to getting busy entrepreneurs in the best shape of their lives – Exxentric has been creating class-leading athletes for more than 10 years.

Whether you are training for the Olympics, or just training to outperform your former self – Exxentric’s science-based equipment ensures that you always have an edge over the competition.

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Experience Strength Training like never before

Exxentric equipment leverages flywheel training technology, providing vast benefits over traditional weight training. As exemplified in the video above, the resistance curve is variable and automatically adjusts to the individual strength capabilities of the athlete.

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  • Unlimited Resistance

    Flywheel Training enables you to train as light or heavy as you want by auto-adjusting to all levels of strength, whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete.
  • True Freedom of Movement

    Exxentric devices offer more than 70+ different exercises. Strengthen new ranges of motion and train your entire body with only one piece of equipment.
  • Perfect Resistance, Every Rep

    Through variable resistance, Exxentric creates perfectly loaded reps without sticking points – allowing you to gain strength faster and safer than traditional methods.
  • Train Anywhere

    The kBox and kPulley Go are portable enough to bring with you wherever you go. Turn the world into your gym and never miss a session again.
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Explore. Our Flywheel Powered Products.

Our Flywheel Powered Products.

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Training Solutions Tailored to You

Explore everything flywheel training has to offer – From improving overall fitness and sports performance to injury rehabilitation.

  • Sports Performance

    Unlock your true potential with Exxentric
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  • Home Training

    Discover your all-in-one Home Gym
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  • Fitness & Coaching

    Improve your Health & Fitness
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  • Rehabilitation

    Explore Exxentric for Rehab & Prehab
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