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The Science Behind the Results

By applying the inertia of a flywheel instead of gravity, our products create optimal resistance curves and supercharge your training with the possibility of eccentric overload. As a result, flywheel training is scientifically proven to be more effective at improving strength, power, and hypertrophy than gravity-based systems.

So, whether your goal is to out-perform the competition, rehab or prevent injury, or simply become your strongest and fittest self – Exxentric products are the key to getting you there!
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  • Inertia > Gravity

    While traditional weights are lifted against gravity, flywheel training creates resistance through inertia working like a yoyo. So, the harder you pull – the harder it pulls back.
  • Variable Resistance

    In contrast to weights, Flywheel training offers variable resistance. This allows you to train maximally throughout every rep and the entire ROM without sticking points.
  • Eccentric Overload

    Flywheel training allows you to apply larger forces eccentrically than concentrically through advanced techniques – resulting in greater strength gains.
  • Isoinertial

    Flywheel training maintains a constant inertia throughout the entire ROM – allowing for the production of maximum loading at every angle of the movement.

Training Solutions tailored to You

Explore everything flywheel training has to offer – From improving overall fitness and sports performance to injury rehabilitation.

  • Sports Performance

    Unlock your true potential with Exxentric
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  • Home Training

    Discover your all-in-one Home Gym
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  • Fitness & Coaching

    Improve your Health & Fitness
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  • Rehabilitation

    Explore Exxentric for Rehab & Prehab
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Train like the Pros!

Learn how to use advanced training methods to unlock even greater strength, power, and hypertrophy.


Maximize your strength gains with Eccentric Overload

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Increase your power output by training Concentrically

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Target your weak spots and teach your body to handle heavy loads

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Improve Athletic Performance

Use professional training techniques to facilitate significant improvements in performance.

  • Power Test

    Test your Squat Power on the kBox and compare to other Athletes.
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  • PAP

    Elicit higher muscular force through Post Activation Potentiation.
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