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Flywheel training offers unlimited resistance and has been shown to provide increases in strength and muscle mass superior to traditional weights through eccentric overload.

Time Efficient

Reach your goals in a fraction of the time by avoiding commuting to the gym, waiting on others or changing plates between sets.


Compared to weights, Flywheel training offers a low entry barrier and accessories like the Hip Belt further help you to maintain good form.


Widely used by physiotherapists. Variable resistance automatically adjusts the load to your capabilities and paired with the Hip Belt or Harness takes stress off your lower back.


The small footprint and low weight of the kBox4 and kPulley Go allow you to train anywhere – your living room, the patio or even your friend’s place.

Onboarding Included

Dive right into your training with a complimentary Flywheel User Course and keep the momentum going by following along to our curated workout videos and courses available online.

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Expert Advice

Unsure which flywheel training system is the right equipment for you?

Our professional training advisors will happily suggest the strength training system tailored to your unique needs – completely FREE of charge.

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Fitness/Home User

Flywheel training is a great tool for all levels and all ages, being based on Variable Resistance each exercise can be adjusted to the level and age of the user.

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This is one of the unique aspects of Flywheel training and is why it allows for dynamic and Variable Resistance during each rep, the base of it being the technology and Inertia. You can read more about Inertia here:

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There are many benefits from emphasizing the Eccentric phase in strength training. This is really well explained through the CLAC method:

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The biggest difference between Flywheel training and traditional Weight Training is the use of Flywheels. Flywheels create Variable Resistance allowing each repetition to be a maximal repetition, using all the power in the muscle that is exposed to the resistance. You can read more about the benefits and explanation of Variable Resistance here:

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By offering Variable Resistance and Eccentric Overload, Flywheel Training has been scientifically proven to be superior to weights for both strength gains & muscle hypertrophy:

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If you are looking for a complete home gym solution to train your entire body, the kBox Home System provides the most value for your money and includes everything you need to get started. :

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Yes. As with any kind of resistance training, Flywheel Training can be a very effective approach for losing body fat when paired with the right diet. Read more below:

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The kBox offers 70+ exercises for your entire body and the kPulley 30+ exercises with focus on the upper body. Explore all the different exercises here:

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