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Physiological Advantages

Variable Resistance

Among the advantages of flywheel training, variable resistance may be the most important, resulting in proven gains. The resistance spectrum of a kBox is completely unlimited, as it depends solely on the force you use. Hence, flywheel training is not just solely for elite athletes or rehabilitation. The resistance is also variable between repetitions and you can easily work maximal repetitions all through the set, increasing your hypertrophic response. Further, as flywheel training gives the possibility to control the level of resistance within the repetition, you can max out all through your range of motion.

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Eccentric Training

Your muscles are stronger in the eccentric phase of its motion, but it is difficult to reach your maximal eccentric power in traditional weight training. In flywheel training, you can use the kBox to achieve eccentric training with overload safely without help.

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Harness Ergonomics

The pressure over the shoulders when doing traditional barbell squats is a big limitation for many. Often, serious bruising can be seen after heavy sets. Furthermore, the discs in the lumbar spine are under a lot of pressure, even if the athlete has a good technical skill. For tall people, individuals with a weak midsection or persons with back problems, squatting is almost impossible and may be accompanied with a lot of discomfort or pain. With the kBox, you are able to work out with maximal or closer to maximal intensity, since the harness equalizes the pressure over the shoulders and also relieves the lumbar spine of pressure. With a less perfected technique, the harness puts the force over the lower back, instead of the shoulders, which shortens the lever and the momentum drastically on the lumbar spine without compromising the training effects in the muscles of the lower body. The kBox is also almost completely silent and the risk of bumping into others is low.

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kBox4 Active

The Newest model, the kBox4 Active is built on proven, reliable technology. The perfect tool in strength and rehabilitation at our lowest price point.

  • Newest Model
  • Holds 1-2 Flywheels
  • kMeter Compatible
  • Weighs 15 kg
  • Starting at €1 410 / $1 585
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kBox4 Lite

Often chosen for its smaller foot-print, the kBox4 Lite model is of a lower weight, portability and not to mention its competitive entry cost level.

  • Portability
  • Holds 1-4 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Weighs 9.5 kg
  • Starting at €2 300 / $2 575
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kBox4 Pro

The kBox4 Pro is our premium model with the greatest versatility. It’s ideal for sports teams and larger training and physiotherapy facilities.

  • Largest Floor Space
  • Holds 1-4 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Weighs 15.5 kg
  • Starting at €2,990 / $3,345
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The kPulley is the ideal horizontal solution for improving strength by offering flywheel training for rotational and pull exercises.

  • Horizontal Model
  • Holds 1-2 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Easy to assemble
  • Starting at €1 750 / $1 955
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About us

Exxentric was born out of a real need

Exxentric AB is a company developing innovative, science-based training equipment and methods for strength and conditioning, including the kBox, and the kPulley used by performance coaches, personal trainers and physiotherapists worldwide since 2011.

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