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The Exxentric Harness is vital to anyone looking to get the most out of their platform-based flywheel device. It enables you to unleash all your strength while training on the kBox, and it’s a more advanced alternative to the Hip Belt attachment.

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The Harness is essential for anyone looking to maximise the effectiveness of their flywheel training on the kBox. Its ergonomic design allows you to maintain the pressure in the shoulder region when you have a correct, upright position. However if you tend to lean forward the pressure shifts down towards the lower back and shortens the lever for the force while reducing torque on the lower back, which results in less bruises and less back soreness.

How much would you be able to squat in the gym if your technique was not an issue? Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about balance, bruising on the shoulders, straining your back and needing a spotter. You would probably be able to squat a lot more.

For guidance on how to wear and attach the Harness to the kBox please watch our tutorials here. Moreover, you can use an Extension Strap to widen the connection rings as shown here.


The Harness is made of strong but still soft and light-weight material. It weighs just 950 g for the XXS size and 1300 g for the XXL. The cushioning on its shoulder pads can allow you to go all out when accelerating the flywheel in the concentric phase and they’re equally as comfortable when it comes to absorbing the impact in the eccentric phase of your movement.

Read more about the differences between the Harness and the Hip Belt here.

Size Guide

The Harness is available in all standard sizes from XXS to XXL, and can also be bought in discounted 3-packs or 5-packs. To see an overview of the recommended sizes by height and weight, please click here.

The recommended waist measurements are 73 cm (XS), 78 cm (S), 83 cm (M), 88 cm (L) and 93 cm (XL). In inches, the recommended measurements are 29″ (XS), 31″ (S), 33″ (M), 35″ (L) and 37″ (XL).





950 g – 1350 g per harness


Squats, lateral squats, split squats, lunges, calf press


kBox (recommended), kPulley