Cycling consists of a wide range of sports from powerful to extreme endurance and for that, versatile devices like the kBox and the kPulley can be very useful.

With flywheel training on the kBox and kPulley, coaches get the tools for both general exercises as well as for post-activation potentiation before races.


Developing athletes’ strength to increase general strength, sport-specific power, and cycling economy. Post-activation potentiation before a race is a promising area that has shown to be beneficial in other sports mixing power and high-intensity endurance such as swimming.


The versatility and efficacy of the kBox and kPulley are among the factors why cycling coaches are applying flywheel training into their programs.

By enabling easy access to the heavier compound lifts and by-passing some of the technical demands that come with barbell training, cyclists can get neuromuscular stimulus and adaptation easily from their training. As the kBox is very versatile, exercises and load prescriptions can easily be adapted for different athletes from BMX to road and track cycling. Absorbing shocks and having a powerful power output might be needed for a BMX cyclist while a track cyclist is looking at improving power and endurance.

The same kBox setup can also accommodate for road cyclists’ rehab, prevention, general strength, and also to improve the cycling economy in competitive cyclist teams.

On the elite level, where athletes spend a significant amount of time traveling, being able to bring the gym with you is beneficial.

Also, the kBox and the kPulley can be the ideal and powerful tools for post-activation potentiation that you can bring with you to any competition.


The current users of kBox and kPulley in cycling include the UCI World Cycling Centre in Switzerland as well as the BMC Racing Team of California, working with Belgian performance and recovery center Rev.Training, and the Escuela de Ciclismo of Olympic cyclist and coach Dori Ruano.

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