Flywheel training provides access and inclusivity for everyone living with a disability, whether they’re progressing through rehabilitation or just training to develop their functional capabilities. Due to its variable resistance,  the kBox and kPulley are perfectly suited to improve the performance and function and treat many physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities and neuromuscular disorders.


The kBox can be used by adaptive fitness enthusiasts as it provides a solid and stable platform for them to work on. It has a waist strap or harness which can attach around the user, so their hands are free to support themselves e.g. on a rail, walking aid, or their coach/therapist.

Coaches and therapists are able to alter the resistance accordingly, limit the range of movement, and the speed of the flywheel to provide a personalized workout for the user.

The kPulley unlocks a series of horizontal exercises, a feature that can be particularly effective for people with mobile disability. The kPulley exercises are all designed to strengthen the muscles in the rotator cuff group of muscles, necessary for wheelchair users when propelling their wheelchair, performing transfers, or to prepare for wheelchair racing. Performing kPulley exercises on a regular basis will strengthen their upper and core body.

The kMeter feedback unit can be used to monitor the training load and resistance.


One of the main benefits of flywheel training is the ability to focus on eccentric overload. By increasing resistance through the eccentric contraction,  it provides an effective method of improving strength and stability, aspects of training which are so important for people living with a disability.

Unlike other machines that have attached seats or narrow frames, the kPulley attaches to the wall and can be used with a variety of heights and handles, easily adapting it to the required position. 

Its small size means it can comfortably fit into a rehab clinic or gym and provides an option for all exercises, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

Flywheel training with Exxentric´s products offers unique accessibility, comfort, adjustability, ease of use, and efficiency in training outcomes.

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