The kBox and kPulley target many important aspects of developing gymnast athletes’ strength and is already used by several troupes in different countries.

With flywheel training on the kBox and the kPulley coaches get the perfect tools for both general and sport-specific drills for gymnasts as well as aerobic gymnasts.


Developing athletes use the kBox and the kPulley in a more general way to get stronger in both compound movements and isolation drills. From high-end gymnasts, we see more examples of sport-specific drills aimed at improving maximal power development.


The versatility and efficacy of the kBox and kPulley are two key reasons why gymnasts choose to incorporate flywheel training into their program.

For gymnasts, the kBox and the kPulley are an easy way to bypass some of the obstacles when incorporating more drills for power development and eccentric overload. Being able to exert high concentric power and to handle high eccentric loads are key in the explosive movements of gymnastics like landings and jumps.

Being able to have a “full gym” close to or in the gymnastics training area improves time efficiency and makes planning easier. The kBox and the kPulley offer precisely this, even for smaller clubs without the space needed for a full gym.

Moving forward, we also expect to see applications of the kBox and kPulley in a sport-specific warm-up for PAP before competitions.

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