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Train for Triathlon

Strengthen Each Leg of the Race

Developing strength and conditioning across the three disciplines, swimming, cycling, and running puts particular demand on efficacy, efficiency, and load management. 

The kBox and the kPulley cater to these needs by providing multi-exercise devices that can provide general strength and conditioning, low-impact resistance, injury prevention protocols, as well as sport-specific drills.

  • Minimize Overuse

    Low impact resistance lets you maximize the benefits of strength training while minimizing overuse and fatigue from event training.
  • Event-Specific

    Safely condition for cycling with harness squats, strengthen the rotator cuff for swimming, or bullet-proof your joints for running.
  • Portable

    With the ultra-portable Lite or kPulley Go, you can take your strength training with as you cycle, run, or swim.
  • Prevent Injury

    Tailor your training to prevent or rehabilitate injuries with isoinertial variable resistance and eccentric overload.

Flywheel Training

for Triathlon

Benefits and Applications

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Flywheel Training

for Triathlon

Benefits and Applications

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Triathlon-Specific Training

By harnessing the endless and variable rotational energy of a flywheel – Exxentric devices offer resistance that is lower impact on joints, movement freedom with greater carryover to triathlon events, and strength training possibilities that best complement your existing training.

By incorporating flywheel training with the kBox and the kPulley to perform a small but significant amount of strength and conditioning, triathlete teams are able to complement their main training load and reap the benefits without placing further strain on their bodies.

Our Systems. Hand-selected for Triathlon.

Our Systems. 
Hand-selected for Triathlon.

kBox Active Triathlon System

$ 2,060

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kPulley2 Midnight Blue Starter System

kPulley2 Starter System

$ 2,070

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Complete Pack

kPulley Go Upgrade Kit (for kBox owners)

$ 1,100

$ 1,145

$ 45

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A Match made in Triathlon Heaven

Already own Exxentric equipment? Upgrade your Combat Training with these Accessories!

Elevation Blocks (2-pack)

$ 50 excl. tax
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Exxentric Decline Board

Decline Board

$ 160 excl. tax
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Footblock for kBox4 pro and lite/active

Foot Block

From: $ 110 excl. tax
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