Normally, strength and conditioning training has typically taken place indoors, whether it be in a gym, a physio clinic or a garage. With the kBox or kPulley flywheel training devices, strength training outdoors can be an option for both athletes and home fitness enthusiasts whether their goal is performance-based or focused on health and wellbeing.

In both professional and amateur sport, fixtures or competitions usually take place outdoors, yet a majority of strength and conditioning training occurs inside. The beauty of flywheel training, especially with the kBox4, is that training can happen anywhere, including outside, making training much more enjoyable compared to being stuck inside.

It’s also possible to incorporate flywheel training into a standard outdoor training session, using the device as part of a circuit, in between kicking drills or shuttle sprints for instance.

The Advantages Outdoors

The benefits of outdoor training include exposure to fresh air, Vitamin D and being able to train in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions which players may be exposed to during competition.

The disadvantage of conducting strength training in an air-conditioned gym is that athletes don’t get to experience the same level of physiological stress from heat or wind as they would if outdoors. This is important when trying to acclimatise to certain conditions and climates that may be new to players.

With the kBox4, players who are undergoing rehabilitation are also able to remain in contact and communication with the rest of their team and coaching staff while they complete their outdoor exercise on the sideline instead of being isolated in a gym or physiotherapy clinic, separated from the rest of the team. 

Outdoor Training at Home

Outdoor training can also be a great option for people who choose to use the kBox or kPulley at home. It can be used in the garden or backyard or on a balcony, providing a pleasant environment and perhaps even an enviable view for training, which can help increase motivation to complete workouts. The ability to take their kBox with them wherever they go makes the kBox a versatile and practical fitness companion.

Outdoor home training is also a useful option for endurance athletes such as cyclists, triathletes and long-distance runners. Training sessions usually start and finish from home, and by incorporating resistance training on the kBox, it eliminates the need to spend precious time at the gym. High-quality strength training can be performed in the garden or on a balcony instead of simply using bodyweight exercises or resistance bands.

A Gym on the Go

The portability of the kBox or kPulley means that it’s easy to transport between training and competition venues, between clients, or going on vacations and travels, making it superior to traditional weight-based equipment. In addition, there’s no risk of weights being dropped, potentially damaging the grass or playing pitch.

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