Providing for clients’ health and fitness needs is growing in importance for the hospitality industry. For hotels and resorts, the kBox and kPulley offer highly efficient and safe, evidence-based strength training within gym facilities, while the kBox can be used even in the privacy of individual guest rooms.

In terms of physical capability, the typical hospitality guest can really be anyone ranging from the average Joe to a young athlete or an older sedentary person. What they have in common is that they expect a great training experience based on credible methods and equipment.

With the Exxentric kBox and kPulley, your personal trainers can offer highly efficient flywheel training in a safe and ergonomic way even in a hotel room or cruise ship cabin, using the same strength training devices as leading teams of the top sports leagues in Europe and the US.


Thanks to its portability, the kBox facilitates heavy strength training even within the privacy of the client’s room or suite. Weighing from 11 kg, you can easily bring the equipment between group training sessions, as well as to the privacy of a VIP client’s suite. With the small floor area of 0.5 square meters needed, the smaller gym facility can get much more competent without overcrowding.

The variable resistance of the flywheel gives an automatically adjusted load to the subjects’ intensity during the whole range of motion and stimulates the increase in strength and mass in superior ways compared to traditional weights.

The easily accessible eccentric load or overload gives faster and larger gains in strength and mass supported by multiple scientific studies, something every client desires whether he or she is the stressed-out CEO, the “get-back-in-shape” Mother, the serious bodybuilder, or fitness athlete.

With the kMeter digital feedback system, you can follow your clients’ progression as well as provide motivation and a compelling reason to come back.

Using the Harness for lower limb exercises puts less demand on technique and more on effort and performance. The harness unloads the upper back from point pressure and lower back from torque, which allows clients to focus on their performance instead. You can take your new clients practically from the street and load them in the kBox squat from day one!

Facilitating over 30 different exercises, the kBox alone covers the strength training needs of most guests in one multi-exercise device only, avoiding the need to commit floor space for traditional single-exercise machines.


Investing in kBox or kPulley equipment and education will offer your clients an extraordinary personal strength training experience.

To learn how to get started with flywheel training equipment and methods, contact us today.

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