Should Personal Trainers Use the kBox with Clients?

What would happen if we let four untrained individuals, with completely different age, gender and training background work with a personal trainer with a kBox and body weight as their main loading alternatives for six weeks? To find out, we just launched the new project #kBoxPT16. Exxentric’s Henrik Petré explains:

kBoxPT16 collageA common misconception about flywheel training is that it is adapted for training of well trained performance athletes or in rehabilitation after injury.

This is despite the fact that the majority of studies in the field of flywheel resistance training are conducted on untrained, healthy individuals. These studies have shown very good improvements in both hypertrophy, maximum strength and power for this target group.

The biggest benefits of flywheel training with kBox are the variable resistance in the concentric phase of the movement and that it allows for eccentric training in a safe and efficient manner. The fact that eccentric training breaks down the musculature more than concentric or isometric training suggests that flywheel training is very powerful and time-efficient.

On top of that, the kBox only weighs 14 kg plus the flywheel and is almost totally silent. With this in mind, you will quickly understand the great benefits for health and fitness. Whether you want high quality and safe training at home or group train together with an educated personal trainer at the gym, the kBox is a great loading alternative.

To put flywheel training with the kBox to test with both older and younger adults regardless of their physical state and working with a personal trainer, we have just started #kBoxPT16.

For a period of six weeks, personal trainer Niklas Westblad, B.Sc., will work with four clients of varying age, gender and physical status, training with kBox two times a week. The clients’ strength and balance will be tested before and after the training period using the kMeter and more, to measure the effect of the intervention.

The selected participants represent a convenience sample in which none of the participants have used flywheel training before:

  • Christer, a 71 year old real estate appraiser with no background in sports. Despite his age he is still working, four days a week. Christer’s goal is to start training regulary, become more mobile and stronger in his legs.
  • Mimmi, a 51 year old physiotherapist with a great passion for running. Mimmi´s goal with this training period is to become stronger in the legs to benefit her running. Mimmi currently has a frozen shoulder which limits her much in her selection of exercises in traditional gravity based training.
  • Louise, a 37 year old mother who loves to play golf in her spare time. She works as a project manager for a large construction company in Stockholm. Louise’s goal with this training period is to be generally stronger in the whole body but especially the legs as she has a skiing holiday planned with her family and wants to be strong enough to have a great time in the slopes.
  • Oskar, a 27 year old guy with a great passion for sports. He played soccer in younger years but since then he has been relatively inactive. He currently works as a sommelier and his goal for this training period is to “kickstart” his training.

You can follow the project through the hashtag #kBoxPT16 on Instagram. We look forward to following the progress of Niklas’ clients and wish them the best of luck!

/Henrik Petré, Head of Education

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