Strengthen the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. With Exxentric Devices.

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Train for Weightlifting

Increase Your Comp Lifts

Our flywheels strengthen the full kinetic chain of a lift by automatically adjusting load to each part of the range motion and eccentrically overloading key sticking points. 

Whether it’s quad strength out of the hole, hip extension on the second pull, or overhead stability  – our flywheels let you break through sticking points, target lagging muscle groups and improve your big 2! 

  • Address Sticking Points

    Variable resistance automatically adjusts to each muscle group – letting you directly target your sticking points with maximal specificity.
  • Stability Under Load

    Slow down the eccentric, resist isometric tension, and pause at key parts of the range of motion to strengthen your lock-out, front rack, catch, and more.
  • Track Performance

    Use our industry-leading kMeter feedback unit to track power outputs, auto-regulate training, and identify sticking points in real-time.
  • Prevent Injury

    Deload the spine with our wide range of training accessories and safely work around or rehab injuries with variable resistance and eccentric overload.

Flywheel Training

for Weightlifting

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Flywheel Training

for Weightlifting

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Weightlifting-Specific Training

By harnessing the endless and variable rotational energy of a flywheel – Exxentric devices offer resistance that is uniquely suited to improving sticking points, movement freedom that lets you directly target lagging muscle groups, and a capacity of eccentric overload that allows for more effective muscle growth and power development. 

Whether you are looking to bring up your quads and deload the spine with belt squats, improve power with variable resistance, or supercharge your accessory movements with eccentric overload – Exxentric flywheels are a perfect addition to your base barbell training.

Our Systems. Hand-selected for Weightlifting.

Our Systems. 
Hand-selected for Weightlifting.


kBox4 Active (Legacy) Advanced System

$ 1,810

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kPulley Pro Starter System

$ 2,520

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Complete Pack

kPulley Go Upgrade Kit (for kBox owners)

$ 1,320

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A Match made in Weightlifting Heaven

Already own Exxentric equipment? Upgrade your Combat Training with these Accessories!

Elevation Blocks (2-pack)

$ 50 excl. tax
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Exxentric Decline Board

Decline Board

$ 160 excl. tax
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Footblock for kBox4 pro and lite/active

Foot Block

From: $ 110 excl. tax
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