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Flywheels build explosive jumping power, un-guardable lateral speed, and joints and tendons ready for any landing or change of direction.

So, whether you’re trying to make eye contact with the rim, lock down any offense, or develop Vince Carter longevity – flywheel training is the key to out jumping, out maneuvering, and out lasting the competition!

  • Explosive Power

    With variable resistance that lets you train with maximal explosive power on every rep – Exxentric devices put inches on your vertical, not just pounds on your squat.
  • Sport-Specific Lateral Training

    Multi-directional resistance and specialty training accessories let you train a wide range of loaded lateral movements for game-defining change of direction speed.
  • Eccentric and Amortization

    Harness eccentric overload to supercharge the eccentric and amortization phase and blow up your vertical jump, change of direction speed, and overall power production.
  • Prevent Injury

    Prepare your joint and tendons for any landing, change of direction, or misstep with scientifically-proven eccentric overload protocols.

Flywheel Training

for Basketball

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Flywheel Training

for Basketball

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Basketball-Specific Training

By harnessing the endless and variable rotational energy of a flywheel – Exxentric devices offer resistance that is more effective for explosive jump training, a movement freedom with greater carryover to game-specific action, and a loading profile that is safer and more intuitive for basketball athletes.

By letting you adjust the angle of resistance and eccentrically overload sport-specific actions -Eccentric flywheel let you replicate and prepare for on-court demands. Directly load lateral changes of direction, overload the amortization phase for improved and safer force transfer, and explosively train harness and single-leg squat variations for vertical jump power.

Our Systems. Hand-selected for Basketball.

Our Systems. 
Hand-selected for Basketball.


kBox Lite Advanced System

$ 3,530

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kPulley Go Upgrade Kit (for kBox owners)

$ 1,100

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Complete Pack

SingleExx Combo

$ 9,980

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A Match made in Basketball Heaven

Already own Exxentric equipment? Upgrade your Basketball Training with these Accessories!

Elevation Blocks (2-pack)

$ 50 excl. tax
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Exxentric Decline Board

Decline Board

$ 160 excl. tax
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Footblock for kBox4 pro and lite/active

Foot Block

From: $ 110 excl. tax
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