The ease of loading your muscles in the eccentric phase is a key feature of flywheel training, but to get eccentric overload you need to apply a specific method.

We have developed a number of different methods to achieve eccentric overload on the kBox. We teach these methods in our flywheel courses, and here is a presentation:


Delayed Eccentric Action

When you brake hard in the end of the eccentric phase. Read more.


Impulse Overload

When you position yourself in the eccentric phase when you are unloaded and let the load hit you. Read more.


Overloaded Concentric Action

When you add energy in the concentric phase using accessory muscles or a stronger movement pattern but use only the primary muscle(s) or a weaker movement pattern in the eccentric phase. Read more about the self-assisted variant, or read more about the spotter-assisted variant.


Lateral Overload

When you work bilaterally in the concentric phase and unilaterally in the eccentric phase. Read more.


Concentric Load Acceleration Cycles

When you alternate overloaded concentric actions and high eccentric overload and maximal concentric-eccentric actions without overload. Read more.



Flywheel eccentric overload gives a high degree of neural fatigue and also DOMS. For further reading on how to minimise negative effects of eccentric overload: Read more.


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