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Take Strokes off Your Game. With Golf-Specific Flywheel Training.

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Golf Strength not Gym Strength

Flywheels build usable, golf-specific strength through variable resistance, eccentric overload, and enhanced freedom of movement.

Whether that’s developing explosive rotational power and lower body strength, fortifying hand and wrist stability, or preventing injury on and off the course – Exxentric devices shave strokes off your game, not just add weight to your lifts.

  • Rotational Movement

    Safely load a wide range of rotational movements and build the explosive power of your swing with maximal carry-over and specificity
  • Variable Resistance

    Self-adjusting variable resistance lets you focus on building explosive power with perfectly loaded reps that ensure maximal results and safety
  • Wrist and Grip

    Eccentrically and isometrically overload forearm, grip, and hand strength to build wrist stability that will enhance power and precision while preventing injury
  • Lower Body Strength

    The kBox lets you build an unshakeable foundation of lower body strength without needing to perform complex and needlessly injury-prone barbell movements

Flywheel Training for Golf

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Flywheel Training for Golf

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Golf-Specific Training

By harnessing the endless and variable rotational energy of a flywheel – Exxentric devices offer resistance that is safer and more effective for explosive training, a movement freedom with greater carryover to golf-specific action, and a loading profile that is safer and more effective for golf athletes.

Choose from a range of 70+ exercises which includes unique swings, rotations, and targeted squat variations. At the same time, enjoy a wide range of accessories that let you directly target your swing with maximal specificity. All while using variable resistance that automatically creates perfectly loaded reps – letting you train more explosively, effectively, and safely than free weight alternatives.

Our Systems. Hand-selected for Golfers

Our Systems. 
Hand-selected for Golfers.

kBox Active Golf System

$ 2,190

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kPulley Go Golf System

$ 1,490

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Complete Pack

kBox & kPulley Golf Combo

$ 3,410

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A Match made in Golfer’s Heaven

Already own Exxentric equipment? Upgrade your Golf Training with these Accessories!

Double Grip Bar

$ 150 excl. tax
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Rotational Sling

$ 60 excl. tax
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Footblock for kBox4 pro and lite/active

Foot Block

From: $ 110 excl. tax
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