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Powering Some of the World’s Best Athletes

  • Martin Borgmeier

    Long Drive World Champion
  • John Novosel

    World-Renowned Golf Swing Coach
  • Mike Carroll

    Golf Strength and Conditioning Coach

A Stronger Golfer – Is a Better Golfer

Too many golfers overlook the overall benefits of strength and power training. When skill is paired with targeted strength, it elevates every aspect of your game – creating swing power and club speed, improving precision, and preventing nagging injuries.

When choosing Exxentric devices to enhance your golf game, you gain the edge of training how you play – swinging, gripping, and strengthening sport-specific actions with maximal carryover, an intuitive learning curve, and unmatched training flexibility.

Train Better. Play Better.

Discover Why Elite Golfers Choose Flywheel Training.
  • Rotational Movement

    Safely load a wide range of rotational movements and build the explosive power of your swing with maximal carry-over and specificity
  • Variable Resistance

    Self-adjusting variable resistance lets you focus on building explosive power through perfectly loaded reps that ensure maximal efficacy and safety
  • Wrist and Grip

    Eccentrically and isometrically develop forearm, grip, hand strength, and wrist stability that will enhance swing power and precision while preventing injury
  • Lower Body Strength

    The kBox lets you build an unshakeable foundation of lower body strength without needing to perform complex and needlessly injury-prone barbell movements

Supercharge Your Swing

Flywheel Secrets of Long-Drive World Champion Martin Borgmeier

Read Blog >

Supercharge Your Swing

Flywheel Secrets of Long-Drive World Champion Martin Borgmeier

Read Blog >

Build the Foundation with the kBox

The kBox line gives golfers access to all the benefits of heavy compound training with none of the usual drawbacks

  • Max Strength, Max Safety
    Safely implement heavy strength training with exercises like harness squats – maximizing foundational strength without straining the lower back and minimizing risk of injury.
  • Swing Power and Club Speed
    Thanks to variable resistance, the kBox directly develops your club speed and power by letting you train every squat, twist, or pull with maximal power and acceleration.
  • Golf-Specific Movements & Drills
    Like adding rotations to Zercher squats – the kBox offers unique opportunities to combine heavy strength training with maximal sport-specific carryover.

Create New Possibilities with the kPulley

Master every training angle, add variation, and elevate upper-body development with the kPulley line.

  • Horizontal Plane
    Round out your rotational power by twisting, pushing, pulling, and swinging in the horizontal plane.
  • Maximize Upper Body Development
    Target the triceps, shoulders, and chest for bulletproof joints, unshakeable upper body stability, and improved swing power.
  • Golf-Specific Movements & Drills
    Take advantage of adjustable heights and angles to perfectly replicate differences between in-game actions like drives or chips.

Bespoke Systems. Tailored to Golfers

Bespoke Systems. 
Tailored to Golfers.


kBox Active Golf System

Complete with all the necessary accessories – our kBox Active System is the ultimate starting point for transforming your Golf strength!

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kPulley Go Golf System

Stay consistent with your Golf strength training anywhere you go with our most portable and versatile Golf system!

1 565 

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Complete Pack

kBox & kPulley Golf Combo

Experience the ultimate in Golf training by maximizing every swing angle, muscle group, and training variable with our Combo System!

3 330 

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A Match Made in Golfer’s Heaven

Transform your golf training with our range of accessories!

Double Grip Bar

140  excl. tax
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Rotational Sling

50  excl. tax
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Footblock for kBox4 pro and lite/active

Foot Block

From: 100  excl. tax
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