Lateral Overload is one of Exxentric’s methods for eccentric overload using flywheel training on the kBox.



Classic 2-1 from traditional weights working bilaterally in the concentric (CON) phase and unilaterally in the eccentric (ECC) phase, but more useful on the kBox because of ability to load unilateral in the heavy leg exercises.


How to do it

Push off or pull using both legs or arms and use only one side (unilateral) in ECC. Do ECC on the same side for more focused drill or testing, or alternate between left and right sides to hold off fatigue and increase volume in set.


When you can use it

Squat, biceps curl, high pull, RDL, row and more.


Good for

If you are doing power training going maximal speed at a low inertia the workload in the eccentric phase gets really small. To get a serious eccentric load or overload but in combination with a high velocity and powerful CON phase doing an unilateral ECC phase is very efficient. Also sport-specific for sports with a lot of jumps and landings with high loads against an extended leg (volleyball, basketball).



Need some practise and should be supervised in the beginning so the form is learned in a good way. The Exxentric courses are recommended.



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