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Train like You Fight

By letting you load sports-specific actions, safely load strikes and takedowns, and train explosive power with every rep – Exxentric devices like the kBox and kPulley, let you train like a fighter, not a weightlifter.

With a resistance profile and movement patterns that more closely mimic the demands of real combat – our devices develop fighter strength, not lifter strength.

kPulley Wrestling Rotation
  • True Freedom of Movement

    With 70+ loadable movement variations – you can twist, strike, side-step, shoot, and throw just like you would in sparring or competition.
  • Develop Fight Strength

    Harness variable resistance that mimics and develops the explosive power demands of a strike, take-down, throw, or sprawl.
  • Resist and Overcome

    Use eccentric overload and isometrics to strengthen and condition your ability to resist and overcome your opponent.
  • Prevent Injury

    Tailor your training to prevent or rehabilitate injuries with isoinertial variable resistance and eccentric overload.

Flywheel Training

for Combat Sports

Benefits and Applications

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Flywheel Training

for Combat Sports

Benefits and Applications

Read Blog >

Combat-Specific Training

By harnessing the endless and variable rotational energy of a flywheel – Exxentric devices offer resistance that is more effective for explosive rotational training, movement freedom that allows you to load strikes and throws, and a loading curve that is safer and more intuitive for combat athletes.

Allowing athletes to safely load a wider range of fight-specific movements with resistance that adjusts to every rep – flywheels perfectly mimic a fighter’s need to continue producing maximal explosive force, even as fatigue begins to set in. Additionally, Flywheel devices let combat athletes safely and effectively combine strength training with all their other high-impact activities by offering injury-preventing isoinertial resistance and capacity for eccentric overload.

Our Systems. Hand-selected for Combat.

Our Systems. 
Hand-selected for Combat.

kBox4 Active (Legacy) Advanced System

$ 1,810

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kPulley Pro Starter System

$ 2,520

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Complete Pack

kPulley Go Upgrade Kit (for kBox owners)

$ 1,320

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A Match made in Fight Heaven

Already own Exxentric equipment? Upgrade your Combat Training with these Accessories!

Elevation Blocks (2-pack)

$ 50 excl. tax
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Exxentric Decline Board

Decline Board

$ 160 excl. tax
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Footblock for kBox4 pro and lite/active

Foot Block

From: $ 110 excl. tax
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