The term “tactical training” refers to any physical conditioning done to prepare emergency and uniformed services for the field of duty. Representatives of these services – such as fire departments and police units – regularly face similar challenges as professional athletes, and increasingly see important benefits with flywheel training.

Similarity with Sports

The similarity between sport and tactical training is that the men and women serving their countries in different ways need to perform and that can’t be negotiated with. Just as an athlete needs to uphold certain levels in different physical metrics they do so too. Here the kBox and the kPulley serve the important need for effective training. They can’t spend time in physical preparation that doesn’t pay off.

Just like for an athlete their training time is needed in a lot of different areas like medical or tactical skills, teamwork skills, and so on. Spending time in the gym that doesn’t show results is no option.

With the kBox and the kPulley, the variable resistance, the wide array of important basic drills and functional movements, and the high eccentric load give the results that both athletes and professional users need.

Unique Benefits

However, the differences are huge. A successful professional athlete might be able to retire at 30 years of age and then play golf or pick stocks for the rest of his life. Our professional users can’t just quit or easily be exchanged, they need to stay in the game for the long run. The ergonomic features of the kBox and the kPulley and the high but still gentle loading both have proven many times to be a great improvement in training for people that have had previous limitations in the gym.

Also, for our professional users, there is no quitting or cheating. A traditional gym goer can skip the boring exercises and leg exercises if the back or any other part is a bit problematic but that’s not an option here.

Another important aspect is mobility. With the kBox you can continue training even in varying locations. It’s small footprint and weight makes it ideal for smaller operating bases and temporary locations.


Users of kBox and kPulley training in emergency services include seven fire stations in Stockholm, Sweden (read more about Project Brännkyrka).

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