Overloaded Concentric Action ­‒ Spotter Assisted is one of Exxentric’s methods for eccentric overload using flywheel training on the kBox.



Same principle as self-assisted but instead of using accessory muscle groups for extra energy input in the concentric phase (CON) you have spotter adding load in CON for a really nasty eccentric (ECC) overload. Flywheel version of spotter-assisted supramaximal lifts with traditional weights.

How to do it

Spotter adds energy in CON on the kBox by manipulating the user (for example pushing leg in the extension phase in hip extension or pushing bar i biceps curl). A spotter can also pull directly by adding a grip to the pulley if the user is connected with a harness doing leg drills (squat, single leg squats, lateral squats).

When you can use it

Most drills when users body isn’t in the way for the spotter to reach active limb or pulley.

Good for

Heavy and fast overload in squats or single-leg squats. The benefit that a spotter can provide is the ability to push user more than athlete might do by him/herself and also easier for user to focus on the ECC phase and not CON as much as in the self-assisted variant.


Really taxing. Spotter must be observant.

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