As the name suggests, strongman competitors are some of the strongest athletes in existence. The sport requires explosive power and superhuman strength to be able to lift heavy objects, often overhead or up onto a platform, as well as pulling heavy items such as trucks. Using the kBox and kPulley can bring an extra element to traditional strength training for these athletes.


Flywheel training on the kBox and the kPulley allows strongmen to target their explosive leg strength and by integrating eccentric overload into their regime, they can train with increased resistance, maximizing their strength gains. The assorted handles and attachments that come with the kBox and kPulley help facilitate increased grip and forearm strength, needed for such events as the Farmers Walk. 

Another advantage of flywheel training is being able to safely work under load to the point of fatigue, something that strongmen regularly have to do in competition. They usually carry or lift loads for as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) so training should not only focus on strength but also on the hard grind and being able to maintain their output. The kBox and the kPulley are the perfect devices for this as it’s possible to add back offsets with decent loads and higher degrees of fatigue in a safe way.

The main movements in strongman include the deadlift, overhead press, and squat, all of which can be performed on the kBox. However, competitors can also perform accessory movements on the platform.  Such movements include lateral squats which target hamstrings, quads, and glutes in a way that helps prevent ACL injuries, common occurrences when heavyweights are lifted with twisting knees.

Due to the nature of the sport, strongman athletes often sustain injuries to their hands or wrists and minor injuries such as rips and skin tears can significantly impede training. The kBox harness means they can still train heavy squats without needing their hands to grip barbells or dumbbells. The ergonomic harness also takes the load off the spine which endures immense amounts of strain lifting such volume during training and competition.

Flywheel training can also assist with strengthening and mobility around the shoulder especially in the overhead position, important for overhead presses.


On the kBox, athletes can perform squats with a full range of motion, allowing them to be strong at the bottom of the squat. The kMeter feedback system can also provide valuable feedback about resistance and symmetry of movement.

The versatility of the kBox and kPulley means strongmen are able to train the lower and upper body as well as perform core training. These athletes often spend many hours in the gym and may have heavy, manual jobs, the portability of the kBox device and the simplicity in installing the kPulley means they can perform heavy training at home, instead of a 2nd session at the gym.

The Advanced Flywheel Knob is the product accessory suitable to both the kBox and the kPulley that allows producing higher forces in the main lifts of a strongman. It offers higher inertia and maximal output which allows working on building strength and increasing the push-off strength in the deadlift. This will be caused by a longer and tougher eccentric phase in the lifts and a heavier transition from eccentric to concentric. Unlike the speedy movements in any explosive or ballistic training methods, with higher inertia, the motion of the drills will be slower and more controlled. Designed for strongmen, powerlifters, and weightlifters among other similar types of athletes, this accessory enhances Flywheel Training and optimizes strength building. 

The most common injuries sustained in strongmen are to the shoulders, knees, and backs however the kBox and the kPulley can be an integral part of any rehabilitation program, allowing them to continue appropriate weight training of other body parts during recovery.

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