Flywheel Training in Volleyball

Volleyball Flywheel trainer

The kBox4 and the kPulley2 can be beneficial in many ways for the volleyball athlete.

The possibilities of flywheel training on the kBox and the kPulley highly correlate with the physiological requirements of competitive volleyball players or teams, offering accessible training for eccentric and explosive strength as well as for injury prevention.


Increase jumping performance by gaining both maximal and explosive strength. Unfortunately, ACL injuries can happen, and preparing for the eccentric fatigue and load during landings is a crucial countermeasure. The kBox and the kPulley are also important In rehabilitation after ACL injuries and in the regular S&C training for players with back problems. Besides squats, popular exercises are hip extensions, split squats, and lateral squats for the lower limb.


The versatility and efficacy of the kBox and the kPulley are the key benefits why leading volleyball coaches decide to incorporate flywheel training into their programming.

With the kBox, efficient and supporting sport-specific training is easier to bring out in the field or on trips than any gravity-based weight training equipment, building a gym wherever the athlete is.

Enables unloading the player’s backs with the harness and saves them from some of the strain the sport put on them with all the lower limb training, jumping, and landings.

Players training for performance, prevention, or in rehab after ACL surgery can all train together, just right by the court.

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