How Coach Korfist Uses the kBox to Improve Vertical Force

Some creativity goes a long way in creating specialised exercises on the kBox. Fredrik Correa reads a new article by sprint guru Chris Korfist, and sees implications for any strength coach.

KorfistKorfist is back at it again with another great article on the Freelap blog. A must-read for all you speed junkies. Besides that I really like his humble tone and way of storytelling. He is a huge resource of experience and knowledge in the field of sprinting.

Starting off with a discussion of the importance of being able to apply high amount of force to the ground to run fast, he moves on to five really great drills he uses. With explanations, pics and videos he tells us how they work and what they do. He also involves the kBox in several exercises which of course makes us extra happy. Having a guy like Korfist embracing our product is the best testimonial we can get and that really gives us a boost to keep going.

If you are considering to invest in a kBox and are looking at developing sprint power with your athletes you should really read this article. The knee lift drill to fire the psoas and the glutes and how he says he now can bring the sprint into the weight room is a great example how the kBox versatility can offer something new, something more than weights and rubber bands can. It’s alive. Another thing from the article is how he brings the kBox into the field and works sprints and strength together and how that makes their training more efficient and focused. Mobility here is key. He also makes a good point how the efficiency in training gives the athletes longer periods of rest and fewer sessions and how that translates into better results.

So, even if you are not a speed junkie or working with track and field or sprint athletes I think the way Korfist makes a synthesis of his knowledge and experience together with his creativity and the unique features of the kBox develops new ways to trigger the muscles in the patterns he want, at the speeds he want and with the intensity he wants can be insightful for others – how you can use the kBox as a versatile tool to create your own, specialised drills for your aims.

Read it and think about it, how can you improve your athletes with the kBox?

Fredrik CorreaHappy DOMS,

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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