ACL Rehabilitation

For improved effects and to reduce the risk of re-injury the kBox can help you get your patients stronger in the ACL rehabilitation process.

Flywheel training on the kBox accommodates both rehab patients and clinicians with a plethora of options to account for a wide range of physical conditions, pain and performance levels, mobility and so on.

Rehabilitation after an ACL injury is common and despite the lack of published data on this topic, many clinicians and patients are experiencing a flywheel benefit in their rehab already. Major goals of the rehab are to improve stability, regain strength, maximize function and reduce the risk of re-injury. Many are using the kBox for the second part, mainly in later stage rehab, in order to get stronger and to minimize the risk of re-injury.

Practical advantages

Due to its variable resistance, the kBox offers many different options when it comes to training, whether it be with lower forces, lower speed, higher forces or power training and the possibility of everything from pure concentric contractions to eccentric overload.

This means the kBox can be utilized by patients when they need higher loads to gain strength, all throughout the rest of the rehab process and even after it. This offers a wide range of both open and closed chain exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee such as squats, lunges and curls.

Training with the kBox is safe and ergonomic, without sound and with no risk of collision. Such a small and mobile device also fits easily into smaller clinics or even the patient’s home if necessary.

The kMeter feedback system can help you to motivate your patients, keep track of their progress and, when necessary, limit their exertion by tracking their power output and effort levels. They might call it a ‘torture device’ but in the end, they are going to thank you for it.

Physiological advantages

Flywheel technology is used on the kBox, which as mentioned earlier, creates variable resistance levels. As a result, your patients get to determine their own force output, which makes your sessions safer, more efficient and allows you to avoid shifting any weights between sets and patients.

Besides this, due to the smooth resistance throughout the entire movement of any exercises, which is an effect of variable resistance, users of the kBox can achieve a strengthening effect of the targeted muscle throughout the entire range of motion (ROM). Furthermore, ROM can be easily adjusted to account for any limitations your patients may have. Here is an illustration of this showing how the depth of a squat can be controlled (Watch video).

Due to the structure of our harnesses, there’s no need to worry about the proficiency of your patients when it comes to lifting technique since it distributes pressure depending on a user’s position on each individual rep. An upright position will place pressure on the shoulders, otherwise, the lever of the force would be shortened reducing torque on the lower back. So even if the patient is totally new to the intended type of lift, you can already start doing squats and other functional lower limb exercises with them on their first day in the clinic.

Eccentric load is widely accepted to be effective to build strength and it has never been simpler than on the kBox. Useful in late-stage rehab. Using different types of methods you can get a significant eccentric load in all possible exercises.

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kBox4 Active

The Newest model, the kBox4 Active is built on proven, reliable technology. The perfect tool in strength and rehabilitation at our lowest price point.

  • Newest Model
  • Holds 1-2 Flywheels
  • kMeter Compatible
  • Weighs 15 kg
  • Starting at €1 410 / $1 585
Shop System

kBox4 Lite

Often chosen for its smaller foot-print, the kBox4 Lite model is of a lower weight, portability and not to mention its competitive entry cost level.

  • Portability
  • Holds 1-4 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Weighs 9.5 kg
  • Starting at €2 300 / $2 575
Shop System

kBox4 Pro

The kBox4 Pro is our premium model with the greatest versatility. It’s ideal for sports teams and larger training and physiotherapy facilities.

  • Largest Floor Space
  • Holds 1-4 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Weighs 15.5 kg
  • Starting at €2 990 / $3 345
Shop System


The kPulley is the ideal horizontal solution for improving strength by offering flywheel training for rotational and pull exercises.

  • Horizontal Model
  • Holds 1-2 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Easy to assemble
  • Starting at €1 750 / $1 955
Shop System