Giveback Initiative: Announcing The 3 Selected Local Sports Clubs To Benefit €15,000 Credit

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Over 130 local sports clubs from all over the world participated in our Giveback initiative last month. The time has now come to announce the 3 winners of 15,000 EUR worth of flywheel training equipment. CEO Fredrik Correa takes us through the selection process and announces the winners:

This Giveback initiative is very important to me and very close to my heart. It encompasses who we are as a company and what we stand for: the local clubs are an incarnation of our heritage that will always remain on top of our minds in our daily mission to improve flywheel training technology and make it accessible to all. 

Exxentric was born out of a real need: the need for efficient and safe strength training for people with or without training expertise. As a youth training coach, I remember when back in the day, we would struggle with incorporating strength training into our youth training. Fast forward to today and flywheel training has facilitated even eccentric training in local clubs across the globe.

It was important for me and the whole Exxentric team to conclude our 10-year anniversary celebrations by giving back to the local clubs which is where it all started. 

Our Selection Criteria

When discussing the potential beneficiaries of the 5,000 EUR credit, we focused on three main aspects for every application: its impact, motivation, and support. Impact refers to the degree of positive change that flywheel training equipment would make in the applicant’s community. Motivation is the driving force behind each application itself, and support is the number of people who voted to show their support to their local club. Finally, we wanted to spread the credit to clubs on different continents, in true Exxentric spirit and in line with our vision and mission to make flywheel training accessible to everyone worldwide.

And the winners are…

The support each and every one of you brought to this initiative was overwhelming. After closing the voting poll, we had totaled over 3,400 votes, exceeding all our expectations. And now, let’s get to it. The three clubs that will be accredited 5,000 EUR worth of flywheel training equipment each (drumroll please!) are:

KooKoo Hockey Oy (Finland) – 418 votes.

One team, many stories. The KooKoo Kouvola is a Finnish ice hockey team based in Kouvola, playing in Finland’s main/first level- Liiga. The team was established in 1965 and the full name of the club is Kouvolan Edustuskiekko. 

KooKoo lead the voting poll throughout the three weeks of the voting period, totaling 418 votes. Undoubtedly a winner in our eyes, their motivation won us over:

“We have already borrowed one coach’s kBox4 and used it with our men’s pro team and with our U20 team. Equipment has been very helpful in many ways (training, rehab, and testing), and got good feedback from athletes. It’s been already seen those good results with eccentric training even though we have only used that one kBox4 board. So If the club got its own equipment, we can develop more of our training, and its content and get even more junior players involved with this type of training. That way we can develop more our players to enjoy training, get better, and move forward in their careers.”

Congratulations KooKoo! We look forward to seeing you implement flywheel training in your ice hockey training and thus contribute to your talented athletes’ performance results.

Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy (Hong Kong) – 237 votes. 

Established in 2007, The Hong Kong Professional Rope Skipping School provides professional and systematic rope skipping courses for children and youth. The school’s rope skipping venue is currently the largest indoor fancy rope skipping venue in Hong Kong, a sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Rope skipping is a whole-body exercise that not only helps strengthen musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary functions but also trains the body’s coordination ability. Fancy rope-skipping is a combination of sports and art, which can create a new set of performances that are both intense and pleasing to the eye. In addition to coaching movement skills, coaches instill positive and active sportsmanship in the students. 

The Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy led the voting in the Asian region and their motivation and usage gave a clear insight into which skills they would want to enhance, the quality it would bring to their training, and even which Exxentric device they have laid their eyes on:

“We are a rope skipping club in Hong Kong with various levels of athletes from new learners to athletes with world champion title. Jumping and landing are important in our sports because we need good quality and explosive jumping to perform different skills, or if we fail to land properly might lead to ankle injuries. Our athletes could benefit from eccentric overload and isometric training from the portable kBox to enhance their explosiveness and strength, especially all the gym and sports centers are closing now in Hong Kong. Strength training becomes harder outdoor without any equipment, or even in our training center, it is quite impossible to have bulky equipment because of limited space.

With 5000€, we would like to have the kBox4 Lite Advanced System for both in-house and outdoor training as monitoring each athletes’ performance data is important for us to customize their training plan to perform better. With the kBox4 Lite, coaches could keep tracking athletes’ data accurately and easily.”

Congrats on your win! We look forward to watching you implement flywheel training safely for your young athletes and remember to never skip eccentric training

Advancement Through Athletics (United States) – 212 votes.

Advancement Through Athletics (ATA) is a college readiness non-profit organization supporting youth through track and field. ATA’s primary focus is to develop the athletic potential, leadership, and academic success of underserved youth athletes.

“Advancement Through Athletics (ATA) is a college readiness, track and field club based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We support under-served youth ages 3-18. Our motivation has been and will always be our scholar-athletes changing the definition of success in their families and community by achieving an affordable college education through sport.

Our athletics club would use the grant money to improve our performance on the track. We would use the grant money on a kBox4 unit, and accessories to improve our power output, as our scholar-athletes sprint, throw and jump themselves to a college scholarship and education.

Many of the scholars we work with are the first to attend college in their families at all or at least through sport. Research shows that the college transition is easier for those who are familiar with aspects of the college experience prior to entering it. We want them to be as prepared as possible to transition into collegiate sports. The kBox4 is the perfect, portable platform to develop our performance metrics as the scholars we work with understand the work that is coming for them when they enter college.

We are doing amazing work as mentors and academic advisors for our scholar-athletes. Creating a unique sports performance model, utilizing the kBox4 for eccentric overload would be to further prepare scholar-athletes for competition, helping them achieve their dreams.

So far we have supported 18 scholars to and through college, 8 of which have competed in collegiate track and field. We are currently working with 10 scholars in our program who are in primary (middle school) or secondary (high school). The kBox4 would greatly improve us!”

We appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for scholar-athletes. Enjoy your 5,000 EUR credit and we look forward to hearing more success stories!

Thank you all!

To everyone that participated, thank you! We appreciate you taking the time and effort to participate as well as all of you who joined in to support your local club. This Giveback initiative was a success thanks to all of you.

It was a pleasure for us to read through so many amazing motivations, learning about the hard work each of you put into your sports clubs and training facilities. And you never know, you might hear from us sooner than you expect.

Thanks again and stay tuned! 

… and Happy DOMS!

Exxentric's CEO Fredrik Correa

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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