We Have The Winners

Your interest in this competition was beyond our expectations. Thousands of participants have entered our 10 Years Anniversary Competition providing their answers, strong motivations, and striking personal stories – and we have finally picked the winners. Fredrik Correa shares all the details:

Winner Selection Process

The questions were developed to test your knowledge about Exxentric and Flywheel Training, and almost one in five participants got all the answers correct – making them finalists. Find the correct answers here.

We carefully read your motivations and intended use of the kBox4. Some motivations were purely entertaining such as “I want to win the kBox4 because it’s like connecting a rocket to a kid’s bike!”, which gifted us with a smile! Others of you shared more personal experiences about how strength training has been a key player in your personal battles against a range of mental health disorders.

Many of you shared goals and ambitions for upcoming competitions and record-setting performances. We deeply understand how many of you are struggling with having access to sufficient strength training, due to gyms and facilities being temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

As you can imagine, selecting a single winner for the kBox4 was not an easy task. Finally, we agreed that a winning individual whose intended usage would not be restricted to themselves but would be accessible to their community as well, would make for a perfect winning profile!

The Winner of the Unique kBox4® Lite System

The winner of the Unique kBox4® Lite System is Sam Daoust, Strength & Conditioning Coach, working at the Canadian Fitness Center Healthy Living. We believe the small footprint of the kBox4 Lite will be an excellent addition to his performance studio, which will help improve the way they service the various needs of their diverse set of clients. Sam was among the finalists who scored 10/10 in the quiz, and his motivation won us over: 

“As a Strength and conditioning coach by profession, the Camo kBox4 will not only improve my own training, but also the training of many of my athletes! Currently, our performance gym is quite small and holds around 6 people at a time. A kbox4 would be a perfect addition and would allow myself and the rest of the staff to add what I believe is the perfect tool for promoting strength and power development with a low skill threshold.”

Enjoy your unique Camo kBox4 Lite Sam! And – of course – happy DOMS to you!

Gift Card Winners 

Here are the nine contestants who won the Exxentric Gift Cards.

Congratulations to:

€250 Gift Card –
Raivis Gabranovs (Latvia)

€100 Gift Card –
Sofia Kuylse (Sweden)
€50 Gift Card – Gyagya Attila (Hungary)
€50 Gift Card – Matthew Lassman (Canada)
€50 Gift Card – Tyler Friedman (USA)
€50 Gift Card – Hendriks Yento (Belgium)
€50 Gift Card – Megan Gracey (Australia)
€50 Gift Card – Rafael Hernandez (USA)

Why a Camo kBox? 

For those of you who are curious, we have been looking into methods of customizing the design of the kBox4 for quite a while now, and this unique camouflage design is actually our first trial.

We have been evaluating the new design, and now in connection to our 10 Years Anniversary, we believed it fit a good purpose to give it away. The specific camouflage pattern is based on my personal preference, which made the choice of giving it away slightly emotional.

Thank you again to all of the participants for your continuous interest in flywheel training, and don’t forget to follow us on social media and keep an eye on exxentric.com/10yearsofstrength/ for what we’ve got in store for you this anniversary year.

And, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

Follow @fredrik_correa

P.s. Happy DOMS!




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