Unleashing The Fifth Generation kBox: Setting the Standard for User-Driven Innovation

Today, our CEO, Fredrik Correa, presents the launch of the fifth generation of kBox devices. We explore the fifth generation’s emphasis on community-driven innovation, new visual and performance features, as well as what the release of the new kMeter means for data tracking and optimization.

Innovation Meets Accessibility 

Offering our most functional and visually striking designs at maximally accessible price points  – the Gen 5 kBox line-up exemplifies our commitment to innovative, user-focused, and accessible strength training.

Whether it’s a wider platform for your hardest sessions, a sleek new design that elevates the aesthetic of any gym, or improved tracking features for data-driven coaching – the new kBox line-up was created to improve every part of your training experience.


You Asked, We Listened!

At the core of this launch is our unwavering desire to make strength more accessible to everyone – regardless of what that means to you. And what better way to honor that commitment to accessible strength, than by creating a generation of devices inspired by feedback from our community. Yes, all of you. From professional sports teams looking to track every data point, budget-conscious home users, design-loving creatives, and everyone in between. The fifth generation kBox line-up was designed to optimize something – for everyone. 

More for Less

In a massive leap of accessibility, the kBox Active and kBox Lite have been up-sized – bringing them closer to the performance of the Pro

The new beefed-up kBox Lite and Active are perfect for teams looking to outfit a cost-efficient multi-device facility, a physiotherapist looking for a middle-ground device, a home user looking for an effective but approachable solution, or just anyone looking for the best gains-to-dollars ratio this side of a pull-up bar!

Want a starter device with an even more attractive price point? Look no further than the kBox4 Active Legacy – our time-tested fourth-generation Active that currently remains available at a new, unprecedented price!

Enhanced Functionality

In response to feedback from our hardest training users, the full gen 5 kBox line-up now features the option of a wider platform – optimized for even greater stability during your highest output workouts. 

Famously never ones to stand in the way of even harder training, we are introducing our new Platform Extension – adding up to 10cm of functional space to your Lite or Active kBox platform and empowering you to train with greater freedom, intensity, and versatility. 

Design and Customization

With a nod to modern Scandinavian design – sharp edges and clean lines reimagine the kBox aesthetic while elevating its time-tested, industry-leading performance. So whether it’s in form or in function, the new kBox generation is now truly the centerpiece of any gym! 

Not satisfied with a standardized appearance? The new kBox Pro now comes with the option of custom foiling – a process of fully customizing your new Pro device (also compatible with the previous generation Pro) with any design that you require. So, whether you are branding for a team, outfitting a custom training facility, or just building the coolest home gym on the block – you can now make your next kBox, truly your own!

Tracking and Features

Featuring the launch of the new kMeter, the gen 5 kBox line-up ushers in a new age of performance tracking and optimization. With the ever-evolving Exxentric App in perfect harmony with the new kMeter tracking unit – you have never had more access or control of your, or your athlete’s performance data. Log, track, compare, autoregulate, and further optimize training results and outcomes with the new generation of kBox devices!

The new and improved Snap Lock is a result of continued user feedback which now represents a more robust key component of our Pulley Block. Made for the most intense workouts, its reliability increases – without compromising the easy-to-use and quick attachment style.

New Design, Same Science-Backed Benefits!

Although always looking forward, the kBox line never strays from the performance benefits that created and continue to lead the flywheel training industry. With the new design, comes a commitment to only further enhancing the same time-tested training efficacy and versatility. 

  1. Eccentric Overload: Harness the proven power of eccentric training, leading to greater strength gains, improved performance, and injury prevention. 
  2. Customizable Resistance: Tailor the training load to your individual needs with variable resistance, ensuring gradual progression and accessibility for all training levels.
  3. Versatility: With its enhanced ergonomics, the gen 5 kBox line accommodates a vast array of exercises, ranging from squats and lunges to lateral pulls and rotational movements – providing a comprehensive all-in-one training experience.
  4. Portability: Compact and lightweight design ensures easy transportation – letting you seamlessly train wherever and whenever you desire.

As the CEO of Exxentric, I am really excited to share the results of our team’s hard work with you. Our company is about serious strength, and our mission has always been to give everyone access to the strength they desire. That starts with listening to our community and always striving to provide better tools at better price points. 

With this launch, we aren’t just doubling down on everything the kBox stands for – we are doubling down on what Exxentric stands for as a whole. Community, innovation, accessibility, and of course, strength. 

So, whether you are a new user or a flywheel veteran, let us know what you think about the fifth-generation kBox. Ask a sales representative for advice. Take a course and give us feedback. Share your progress and interact with us on social media. Join, grow, and create your strongest self as part of the ExxentricFam!

Full Details of the Gen 5 Launch!

Happy Doms!

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

Follow @fredrik_correa



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