Pulley Block

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A crucial component of any kBox or kPulley device, which facilitates your flywheel training needs.

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It’s impossible to operate any kBox or kPulley device without a functional Pulley Block. During your training, make sure to absorb all the energy in the eccentric phase of any movement and come to a complete stop before the Pulley Block hits the device since this can cause damage both to the Pulley Block as well as the main device.

Replacing the Pulley Block will involve disconnecting the Drive Belt from your device. This can be assisted by a 3-mm hex key, which comes with every new Exxentric Flywheel Training System.

The small Pulley Block is more appropriate for the kPulley due to the horizontal nature of most exercises, where the gravitational force of a heavier Pulley Block may cause an undesired effect. Whereas the large Pulley Block is generally used on the kBox4, which often encounters larger forces and hence needs to be sturdier.


The latest version of the Pulley Block is pre-built with a rubber casing that’s designed to protect it from any impact caused by collisions with the device that it’s mounted to, hence prolonging its lifespan and making it more robust. Moreover it includes an axial roller, which allows the Pulley Block to adapt to any executed movement and maintain its stability under pressure.

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Large, Small


53 x 73 x 110 mm (Large), 53 x 48 x 100 mm (Small)


kBox4 (large), kPulley (small)


All kBox and kPulley devices