New Flywheel Systems for Performance and Fitness

In addition to our popular Medical systems for physiotherapy clinics, we are now launching two new sets of flywheel training systems for professional trainers and coaches in Performance and Fitness. 

Systems are the packages we recommend to anyone considering an investment in flywheel training equipment for their facility. Our initial systems were general-purpose single-device systems, including only one kBox or one kPulley device and a select set of attachments and other accessories.

However, as flywheel training has grown, we have realised that more and more facilities are considering multiple devices to cater to more simultaneous clients as well as to include both the kBox4 and kPulley2 devices for a more complete set of flywheel training tools.

Also, as we have added an increasing number of accessories adapted for the specific needs of subsets of users, we saw a need for systems adapted to certain user groups.

As a trial, we launched the Medical systems earlier this year to address these needs. They quickly became quite popular and therefore, we are now happy to add similar systems for those of you active in Performance or Fitness.

The New Systems

Like our Medical systems, the new sets of systems for Performance and Fitness each include both a single-device starter system and three system combos of various sizes which include both kBox4 and kPulley2 devices.

The four Performance systems are catering to the worlds’ strength and conditioning coaches and their pro athletes. These range from the Performance Starter System including a kBox4 Pro, through the system combos Standard, Advanced and Elite Performance Combos all including several devices.

The four Fitness systems are developed for the fitness studio owners and gym chain managers. And these range from the Fitness Starter System including a kBox4 Active, through the system combos Standard, Advanced and Elite Fitness Combos with multiple devices.

We hope that these new systems will make it easier for you to find the right flywheel training system for your facility.

The starter systems are ideal for the low budget facility, whereas the larger system combos will give you an all-encompassing arsenal for flywheel training, facilitating all possible movements and exercises for multiple clients or athletes.


Let’s start 2020 strong and Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO





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