Optimising Flywheel Training for Physiotherapy

We’ve always been proud to count a growing number of physiotherapists among our users, and our team is spending a lot of time refining our line of flywheel training equipment for your needs. Today, we’re happy to present not one but three new accessories as well as a new set of system configurations specifically developed to target medical applications.

We know that your needs as physiotherapy practitioners are markedly different from other professional trainers. You often face a large and diverse population with varying capabilities and a broad spectrum of injuries and conditions. This puts high demands on your flywheel training equipment in various ways, such as requiring dependable eccentric loads across a wide range of inertia levels or targeting particular diagnoses.

To even better support you in the mission to help your clients gain the benefits of flywheel training, we are proud to present these new offerings.

Decline Board

For the kBox4 we have developed the new Decline Board. This is particularly helpful for anyone recovering from a knee, calf or heel injury by allowing decline squats and calf press. More specifically it can facilitate recuperation from patellar tendonitis (commonly known as Jumper’s Knee), or strengthen achilles tendon after surgery.

This device is also useful for training clients with inadequate ankle mobility to gain further depth in their squats and ensure correct activation of the glute muscles.

The Decline Board is now available at €130 / $140 plus shipping tax. Learn all about it and place your order here.

Single-Turn Buckle

The new Single-Turn Buckle is an essential piece for anyone looking to get the most out of their flywheel training at a low inertia level, intended for use with the kPulley at total inertia levels equal to or below 0.070 kgm². This can be used for a wide variety of shoulder exercises but it can also be useful in situations where lower inertia is preferable, either due to lower levels of muscle strength or the need for a faster motion.

The Single-Turn Buckle can be ordered by old and new customers at just €35 / $40 plus shipping and tax. Learn more and place your order here.

Extra Small Flywheel

In addition to our existing range of Flywheels, we are now adding one with the XXS size of 0.005 kgm2 inertia. Used in combination with the Single-Turn Buckle, this new Flywheel offers eccentric training at an unprecedented low level of resistance and/or high velocity.

This small Flywheel is now available at just €55 / $65 plus shipping and tax. Learn more and place your order here.

Medical Systems

In addition, to help you decide what set of flywheel training devices and accessories you need as a physiotherapist, we are now presenting four new Medical Systems. These all include existing devices and accessories in combination with the additions presented above, but in brand new system combinations.

The four Medical Systems start at €2,910 / $3,250 and go up to €11,835 / $13,285 for the Medical Elite System including four different flywheel devices and our most complete set of accessories. Learn more here.


We hope that you will find these new accessories and systems useful in your physiotherapy practice. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me or our team here.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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PS. For a general overview of the applications of flywheel training in the medical field, click here


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