Introducing the kPulley Pro: Advanced Strength Training With a Redesigned And Improved Device

As pioneers in innovative fitness technology, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest advancement in our line of horizontal flywheel training devices: the kPulley Pro. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the kPulley Pro represents a culmination of feedback, research, and engineering excellence to deliver a smoother, stronger, and more versatile training experience than ever before. CEO Fredrik Correa takes us through the kPulley Pro journey from idea to development:

When was the first kPulley born?

Reflecting on our journey, we introduced the original kPulley in May 2018, marking a significant stride in horizontal exercise technology. This device, optimized for rotational and pull exercises, quickly became a staple for individuals seeking to enhance strength and performance across various muscle groups. With its wall-mounted design and adjustable attachment points, it offered unparalleled versatility and convenience.

A year later, in May 2019, we unveiled the kPulley2, setting a new standard for horizontal flywheel training. With a focus on refinement and enhancement, the kPulley2 introduced a host of upgrades, including a sleek Midnight Blue color scheme, redesigned components for improved functionality and durability, and a more streamlined user experience. These enhancements were meticulously crafted based on user feedback and real-world testing, embodying our commitment to continuous improvement.

Now, with the kPulley Pro, we’re entering the kPulley Pro, and once again pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in flywheel training. This next evolution incorporates a wealth of new features and optimizations to elevate your workout experience to new heights.

Introduction to the kPulley Pro

kPulley Pro marks the entry of a new kPulley era. kPulley has been battle-tested for years and continuously improved but we have never done such a big upgrade to any product before.

This can be in the center of any performance facility, medical clinic, or premium gym catering to the needs of athletes, patients, and fitness enthusiasts looking for the best flywheel experience. Pulls, pushes, rotations, and even leg work in the best way very provided by a kPulley.

Our Innovation Mission & How the kPulley Pro Fits Into That Mission.

We started the company as coaches looking to solve our problems with training sports teams and flywheel became the solution to load, scale, and train basically wherever we wanted. We then became users of our own product and after that widened the circle with our customers bringing us tons of great feedback that directed our development.

There was early on a big demand for us to develop something for more horizontal work to add to the kBox and that’s how kPulley came to life. Now we are launching the next generation and I think we are proud to say we have with your help developed a real professional product, hence the name kPulley Pro. If you liked kPulley2 you are going to love the kPulley Pro.

The inspiration behind the kPulley Pro & the user feedback that led to its development.

For any fitness or training enthusiast, the feeling of a device is so important. Science is the canvas we are painting on, what exercises to do, sets, reps, load, rest, and so on. But beyond that, we select bars, weights, and devices on how they feel and how they fit us. The flywheel research is already in place, it is an effective tool to increase strength.

The practical benefits are also pretty clear, it is silent, safe, and easy to scale to mention a few. For this update, we focused on making the user experience top-notch. We wanted an even smoother feeling, ease of adjustment, and a design that can improve the look of any gym. I bet you will see and feel the difference using it.

Key Features and Benefits of the kPulley Pro.

  • Redesigned Beam: The completed new and custom-made beam is a big part of the device.
  • Smoother Height Adjuster: The height adjuster travels a lot smoother into position despite a much tighter fit that you can feel during training it is much easier to move around. We loaded it to over 3500 N of constant pull and it doesn’t budge so fire away and give it what you got.
  • Auto-Retract Mechanism: We added an auto-retract! No more excess drive belt hanging around. Now it is easier to adjust your range of motion, you have a nicer-looking setup, and no drive belt in the way during training.
  • Sleeker design: By switching the device 90 degrees we made it less intrusive in your gym and this also comes with some functional improvements like less vibrations and a smoother experience.
  • kMeter Interface: is added from outside to easily access it and replace batteries so you will never have downtime in getting your data. Well integrated in the design it is not only more accessible but also a nice design addition.

What Are The Key Differences between kPulley2 and kPulley Pro?

  • Custom beam – easier to adjust, much smoother adjustments, and improved aesthetics.
  • Auto-retract – keeps your excess drive belt out of the way and your adjustments easier.
  • Design – Sleeker less intrusive design to elevate the premium feeling of your gym. Fewer vibrations and a much smoother training experience.
  • kMeter – External kMeter for improved access and aesthetics.

Who can train with the kPulley Pro?

Athletes that need effective training are straight down the alley with the kPulley Pro. Smooth adjustments and training experience together with the training data provided via the kMeter we can see how this should be on the wall between every rack. Switching between users and exercises has never been easier on a kPulley.

Patients and fitness enthusiasts can of course enjoy these benefits too and with the increased demands for flywheel group training, we can see how the kPulley Pro allows for a great flow and training experience. Adjusting has never been easier and feedback can also receive more and more attention from personal trainers and their clients and patients.

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Exxentric's CEO Fredrik Correa

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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