Now Even Smoother and Stronger: The kPulley2

Today, we are proud to finally unveil the highly anticipated kPulley2, the successor to our original horizontal flywheel training device. Now smoother, stronger and shipping in Midnight Blue. Fredrik Correa brings you the details:

Over the year since we released the kPulley we have received feedback from customers and also interviewed plenty of users. Our engineers have listened and worked hard to implement all ideas and this is the result, kPulley2.

R&D is in our DNA and seeing how our customers use their products, what they say works or doesn’t or features they miss, and then implement them in a cost-effective way is what we do.

We have been taking a full year to design, implement and test our new features in live environments in performance and rehabilitation facilities and we are now anxious to hear what you think about it.


The first thing you will notice is that the kPulley2 comes in our new color Midnight Blue. This new color option has been a great success for the kBox4 Pro and we liked it ourselves, so why not? The beam of the kPulley2 comes in Platinum Grey color to create some contrast.

Beyond the colors, we have redesigned basically all parts: base unit, beam, sliding pulley and belt stop to create a more complete unit design-wise, and we have also not the least added improvements in all aspects of kPulley usage: easier to mount and maintain, lower friction & more functionality, increased durability and aesthetics.

Here is the complete list of updates:

  • Midnight blue color with Platinum Grey complementary color for contrast.
  • One single beam instead of three separate parts.
  • Hidden screws after mounting the beam, fewer fixation points and an option to band it to a column or rack.
  • New ball bearings in base unit.
  • New type of bearings in sliding pulley.
  • Sliding pulley on the outside of the beam instead of inside.
  • Accessory attachment hooks are built-in.
  • Changed distance between flanges to reduce friction.
  • Changed top cover for easier access to change kMeter Module batteries.
  • Drive Belt guide to reduce risk of drive belt twisting.
  • Sliding Drive Belt stop and adjustable Drive Belt length for easier change of range of motion.
  • Magnetic drive belt end so that the extra Drive Belt is always fixed to the beam.

So, lets dig into the details.

One Single Beam

The beam is now one piece at 2 meters in length (≈ 6’ 7”). You can fix it to the wall either through the holes in the center of the beam, or you can use the designated slots to strap it to a column or rack. The sliding pulley now moves along the outside of the beam instead.

All of these new adjustments,  make mounting the kPulley2, much easier, needing only 5 fixing points (i.e. screws) or a couple of straps . No more work to align separate beams, resulting in smoother height adjustment during training. The kPulley 2 beam also takes up less space on your wall, with the fixing points being behind the beam instead of on the side, helping it look much cleaner and there are no visible screws after mounting it.

Base Unit

Besides the color change we changed the cover to go over the flanges to act like a Drive Belt guide which reduces the risk of the drive belt twisting. The cover has also been transformed into a helmet-like shape instead and now is much easier to remove if need to replace kMeter batteries for example.

We adjusted the distance between the flanges to reduce friction. Inside the base unit we have introduced a new type of ball bearing with smoother actions and less friction, all increasing the potential eccentric overload.

Sliding pulley and belt stop

The sliding pulley also has a new ball bearing for smoother actions and better durability, and also two plastic wheels instead of one. The two plastic wheels make vertical exercises like biceps curls or triceps push-downs much easier and with lower friction. The sliding pulley height is easy to adjust since it is going outside of the beam that doesn’t have any seams anymore.

The belt stop is now also adjustable in two ways: you can adjust its height just like the sliding pulley but also change the length of the drive belt if you want a really short range of motion. The end of the Drive Belt is magnetic so it doesn’t fly around but always sticks to the beam. The previous add-on accessory hooks are now integrated in the design for easier storage of your grips or pulley block when not in use.

Systems, Pricing and Shipping

All these changes also required a few minor changes to our system configurations: the Extension Beam is now discontinued due to the longer standard beam and removed from the kPulley2 Advanced System. And the kPulley2 Starter System now includes the essential Ankle Cuffs accessory.

The prices will also be slightly adjusted, reflecting the more refined product and adjusted system configurations:

  • kPulley2 Device: €1750 / $1950
  • kPulley2 Starter System: €1890 / $2110
  • kPulley2 Advanced System: €2290 / $2560

Shipping of the brand new kPulley2 will start in early June. For any pre-orders placed during the remainder of May, the old prices will remain, at €1640 / $1830 for the kPulley2 device. To check out the new products and place your order, proceed to our webshop or talk to your official reseller.

Overall it is quite a big makeover and if you liked the original kPulley, we are certain that you are going to love the kPulley2.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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