Celebrating One Decade Of Serious Strength

When we began in Stockholm in 2011, we were a few people with a simple idea and a single prototype device: the very first kBox. Today, 10 years after Exxentric was born, we have established a new global strength training movement – and we couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s how far you’ve taken us in the last ten years.

The core of our journey – started on February 23rd, 2011 – is constituted by our trusted partners and loyal customers, who have earned Exxentric countless achievements and accomplishments. The start-up that once was, Exxentric is today well-known in the industry of flywheel training devices. 2021 marks one decade of strong growth and a worldwide community of knowledgeable and passionate flywheel training practitioners.

We are extremely proud to be celebrating 10 Years of Strength. From the start, it has been our vision to create a business devoted to innovating in order to create efficient methods and devices that enable people to get stronger. Each person on our team has played an integral role in our success of becoming the distinguished flywheel training brand we are today, echoing our core values of eagerness, friendship and dedication in their everyday actions.

The Growth of the #ExxentricFam Community 

Over the years we have serviced a large and diverse customer base, from professional trainers to athletes and a farsighted home gym community. Many of our customers have acted as pioneers of flywheel training in their country, city, or segment. Our very first customers are the ones that introduced for the first time something that 10 years ago was really new. It was thanks to their trust in our expertise and devices that we had the opportunity to grow as a company. Without the involvement and enthusiasm of these people, we would not be where we are today.

Our diverse community involves professionals from many strength & conditioning fields, such as the Performance Strength & Conditioning field (Professional Teams, Elite Athletes, S&C Coaches), Physiotherapy (Physiotherapists, Clinicians), but also general Fitness (Home gym community, Strength Training Enthusiasts, Personal Coaches & Trainers) and others (uniform services, researchers and many more). In our industry, trust is perhaps the most important ingredient in the customer relationship and these 10 years show pretty clearly that we have earned – and have been worthy of – a significant measure of trust over the years. We wouldn’t have survived ten years without you and we hope to serve you even better in the next ten years. 

Your Creativity Has Always Inspired Us

Our content is largely generated by flywheel training enthusiasts: we like to tell the story from our customers’ point of view and also because the content our #ExxentricFam presents us with such original content that surpasses all our expectations. Our users like to get creative and they often inspire each other to create challenging and innovative exercises (see #kBoxCreative) content – but not only!

Your creativity has – in many instances over the years – inspired product designs that turned into actual device launches. The launch of the kPulley in 2018 was inspired by creative content where the kBox was used in non-traditional positions to allow for horizontal exercises. That demand for more horizontal exercises led into the launch of the kPulley, a flywheel training device that allows for more than 30 horizontal exercises. 

The endless content of leg exercises being performed in both the kBox and the kPulley led to a similar outcome: that demand for a device specific for leg extension exercises led to the development of the LegExx machine in 2020, which concluded our quest for building the “most powerful leg extension device ever”. So keep on inspiring us and keep up with your creative content! You never know if the next device we launch is precisely the device you were hoping for!

What is it the #ExxentricFam likes the most about Exxentric?

With a foundation at the highest level in professional sports, Exxentric has rapidly progressed worldwide by growing flywheel training into constantly evolving markets. Our flywheel technology has brought customers numerous benefits, including scientifically supported training effectiveness, portability, and several unique training applications, all within a small and quiet space of any facility, gym, or home.

Many of the customers who have tried the Exxentric flywheel technology have made our devices a crucial part of their training and have incorporated it into all their training sessions. When talking about our devices, they talk about progress in their training, improvements in their training results, and an added quality and value to their work. Endless customers over the years have reached out to us telling us that they love our products and that they could honestly not imagine training without it anymore. And, well, what more can we ask for? 

One decade is how far you have taken us in our journey into serious strength training!

One of the most intriguing facts that drive our customers excited about the flywheel training devices is that they were originally designed for space travel. But how did flywheel training devices evolve from space travel into strength training? Read more about the history of flywheel training devices – as well as our 10-year-long-history – on our history page.

Over the years Exxentric has experienced consistent growth, and we owe part of our success in leading flywheel training technology to our young, talented, and creative engineers with a strong passion for building the future, as well as to our community. In these 10 years together:

  • We enlarged our product range with new strength training devices.
  • Expanded our partner network in 80+ countries worldwide.
  • Improved our devices & products’ quality to industry-leading standards (based on customer feedback and expertise)
  • Expanded our customer range (professional teams, physiotherapists, personal trainers, home gym community, and others)
  • Established a strong social media presence with a strong and diversified Exxentric community (#ExxentricFam).
  • Designed quality education services (Exxentric Academy) as well as coaching services, consulting, and implemented online professional advice
  • Customer service in over 12+ languages to premium quality levels.
  • Added feedback systems for flywheel training (flywheel training app and kMeter app).
  • Continuously expanded the Team Exxentric (the diverse Exxentric team today counts over 12+ nationalities)

What’s in store for the next 10 years

This 10th anniversary is just a milestone that we have created; we have several more miles to go by providing flywheel training technology worldwide. We thrive towards strengthening further the image of our flywheel training brand internationally by delivering quality devices, services, and assistance to our customers and partners. As we continue to grow, we want you to know that one thing will never change: our commitment to your strength training and to being your flywheel training provider of choice.

Thank you and stay tuned for our anniversary celebrations

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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P.s. Happy DOMS!





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