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Are you looking to get stronger, faster? Then, flywheel training is for you.

Today, flywheel training is already widely adopted among professional trainers worldwide, and commercial gyms across Europe, the US and Asia have started including kBox training as part of their offering. But it’s not just top athletes and hardcore bodybuilders that can benefit from this technology.

Whether you’re someone who wants to start living a more active lifestyle, a young athlete who wants an edge over competitors at a rival school, a serious amateur looking to up your game for the next club match, or a simply a busy business person who doesn’t have time to go to the gym. No matter who you are, flywheel training is built for those who want results. Below are some examples showing how flywheel training could be applied in your situation.


BodybuildingFlywheel training for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders in competition form appear to be some of the strongest athletes on the planet with their muscular physiques and single figure body fat percentage. By incorporating flywheel training with the kBox or kPulley, their bodies can become even more chiseled and revered. [Read more]


Uniformed Services and flywheel trainingEmergency and Uniformed Services

In emergency and uniformed services, professional kBox users face similar challenges as those in sports and fitness, but there are also important differences. [Read more]


Fitness Clubs Exxentric kBox4

Fitness Clubs

For any serious fitness club looking to offer truly effective, science-based equipment and methods just like professional sports teams or physiotherapy clinics. [Read more]


Home User kBox4

Home Fitness

Do you struggle to find enough time in your day to make it to the gym as much as you would like too? Or maybe you’re just not a fan of crowded gyms or exercise facilities. The kBox4 is the perfect solution for you to use at home. [Read more]


Exxentric HospitalityHospitality

The kBox offers safe, highly efficient, evidence-based strength training within gym facilities and private rooms at hotels and resorts. [Read more]


Flywheel Training for military facilitiesMilitary Services

On-duty military meet similar physical demands as professional athletes encounter in their respective sports. Hence, military facilities increasingly see important benefits with flywheel training. [Read more]


People with DisabilitiesFlywheel Training for people with a disability

Flywheel training provides access and inclusivity for everyone living with a disability, whether they’re progressing through rehabilitation or just training to develop their functional. [Read more]


Exxentric Flywheel Training fo seniors


With its variable resistance, the kBox is highly suitable for rehabilitation, and general health and fitness in seniors and older adults. [Read more]



The kBox is a great strength training tool for youths in both sports performance and fitness, from safe basicFlywheel Training for Youth
movements to eccentric loading. [Read more]


Practical Advantages

The Exxentric kBox offers highly efficient flywheel training in an ergonomic and safe way. Its variable resistance automatically adjusts the load to the user’s intensity throughout the full range of motion. This, together with the easily accessible eccentric load or overload, stimulates an increase in strength and mass that is superior to that of traditional weights. The kBox produces results, whether you’re a stressed-out CEO who wants to get back into shape, a busy mother, a serious bodybuilder or an athlete.

The variable resistance of the kBox also means you don’t have to change weights between sets or different users of different levels and heights. This is a huge time saver not only at the gym or personal training session, it also maximizes your workout time when you’ve only got time for a quick session at home. And with our app-based feedback systems, you can follow your progress, thereby motivating you to achieve better results.

Using the harness to exercise your legs and lower body, you put less focus on how to do the exercise properly, and more on your effort and performance. This is because the harness relieves pressure from your upper back, and keeps your lower back from twisting, allowing you to start doing squats with virtually no experience.

Another practical advantage with the various kBox models are their mobility. The unit weighs a mere 23 kg (50 lbs) with accessories, and only needs 0.5 square meters of space. This is perfect for maximising space in a smaller gym, and allows you to easily move it around a bigger gym to set up circuit training or use in a group training environment. The mobility of the unity also makes it easy to move the unit around your house, whether you want to workout in your bedroom, in the lounge, or outside on the patio.

Offering a range of more than 30 exercises, increased efficacy, safety, and mobility, the kBox the perfect all-in-one workout machine. It offers incredible value for money over traditional gym equipment, with better results.


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kBox Training Programs


kBox4 Active

Kickstart your Flywheel Training with our entry-level model. The perfect device for strength training, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and training in general. Available with our free Flywheel Training app to design all your kBox workouts.

  • Ideal for...
  • • Home Gyms
  • • Personal Trainers
  • • Group Classes
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kBox4 Lite

Broader range of resistance provided by the lightest kBox model, practical to pack and bring with you on the move. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

  • Ideal for...
  • • Travelling Athletes
  • • Fitness Studios
  • • Physiotherapy Rooms
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kBox4 Pro

The premium and best-selling kBox model with the largest performance area. Made for intense workouts and serious strength building exercises. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

  • Ideal for...
  • • Professional Teams
  • • Performance Centers
  • • Physiotherapy Clinics
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The kPulley unlocks a variety of horizontal movements, creating limitless training possibilities especially when combined with the kBox. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

  • Ideal for...
  • • Professional Teams
  • • Performance Centers
  • • Physiotherapy Clinics
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The LegExx is optimized for leg extension training sessions. It aims to isolate and strengthen the quadriceps muscles and it comes with a built-in kMeter feedback system.

  • Ideal for...
  • • Professional Teams
  • • Health Clubs
  • • Physiotherapy Clinics
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