Earlier hypertrophy with flywheel training

Flywheel training is effective, you know this if you tried it. If you still think about trying, here is some evidence that might convince you to do that. How about hypertrophy (gain in muscle mass) after only 3 weeks of training?

This was shown in a study by researchers Seynnes, de Boer and Narici which was published in Journal of Applied Physiology. Basically the let their subjects workout 3 times a week in a leg extension flywheel device for 35 days. After only 20 days they could measure hypertrophy in the quadriceps femoris (+4%) and after 35 days it was 7%. This was one of the first studies showing the earlier onset of hypertrophy in flywheel training compared to traditional weights. Happy reading. We will keep posting interesting science for you here.

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