Maintenance: Trim the Belt on kBox4

After a while, the drive belt on your kBox may need a trim. Here’s how to do it:

If wear or damage occurs close to the end of the belt, you need to trim the belt by cutting off the damaged end and reattach the new end. Follow this procedure for the kBox 4:


    • Unwind the entire belt from the shaft (picture 1).


  • Use the Locking Pin Removal Tool to push the Belt through the shaft and remove the Locking Pin (picture 2).
  • Cut off the damaged part of the Belt. (If the remaining part is too short, you may need to replace it.)
  • Wrap Belt around the Locking Pin and pull the Belt and Pin into the wider groove in the shaft.
  • The Belt automatically locks into the grove when you pull it firmly.


Contact us or your reseller for help, or go back to maintenance.


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