kPulley Pro Device

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Every kPulley Pro system includes the kPulley Pro device and a set of compatible accessories. This flywheel training machine leverages the same principles as all kBox products to meet your needs for lateral exercises and beyond.

With an adjustable setup ranging from 35 cm to 210 cm in height, the kPulley Pro ensures comfortable use. It also features a built-in kMeter feedback system and offers a broad standard inertia range from 0.005 kgm² to 0.280 kgm².

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kPulley Pro Base

kPulley Beam

XL (kPulley Pro)
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Essential Accessories:

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The kPulley Pro is the perfect choice for sports teams, performance centers and premium fitness clubs & physiotherapy clinics aiming to enhance the strength of their athletes, clients, and patients. It utilizes flywheel training to effectively target rotational and lateral exercises.

When paired with a kBox system, the kPulley Pro provides a comprehensive full-body strength workout through the Exxentric flywheel training solution.


With its versatile wall mounted design, the height of the attachment point can be quickly adjusted almost from floor to ceiling for a variety of different exercises. The kPulley Pro also comes with a built-in kMeter feedback system for realtime results and a progress overview in the long run.


Without the Advanced Flywheel Knob the kPulley Pro can be equipped with up to four flywheels made from laser cut and powder coated carbon steel in five different sizes:

  • Extra Large: 0.070 kgm²
  • Large: 0.050 kgm²
  • Medium: 0.025 kgm²
  • Small: 0.010 kgm²
  • Extra Small: 0.005 kgm²



kPulley Pro Base



Carbon Black


19.5 cm/7.7 inches

Depth (incl. foot protection)

39 cm/15.4 inches


8.5 kg/18.7 lbs

Inertia range (standard)

0.005 kgm² – 0.280 kgm²

Range of motion

190 cm/74.8 inches


Built-in kMeter feedback system

Compatible flywheels

0.005 kgm², 0.010 kgm², 0.025 kgm², 0.050 kgm², 0.070 kgm²

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kPulley Beam


L (kPulley2), XL (kPulley Pro), Rack Attachment, 3×3" (kPulley Go)


kPulley Go (all options), kPulley2 (L ), kPulley Pro (XL )


Space Gray (L and XL), Jet Black (Rack Attachment)


197 cm/77.6 inches (L), 231 cm/90.9 inches (XL), 19.6 cm/7.7 inches (Rack Attachment)


5 cm/2 inches


6.7 kg/14.8 lbs (L), 7 kg/15.4 lbs (XL), 2.1 kg/4.6 lbs (Rack Attachment)

Rack Attachment specifications

Facilitates attachment to power racks with 3″ x 3″ tubing, 1″ holes and 2″ spacing

Distance b/n Rack Attachment rods

12.74 cm/5.02 inches

Mounting options for L and XL

Strap (attachment straps sold separately) or Wall (screws not included)