Upper Body Kit

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This kit adds another crucial element to flywheel training on the kPulley by allowing you to perform even more bilateral upper body exercises either with the optional Double Grip Bar add-on below or alternatively with a pair of kGrips.

Double Grip Extension

Double Grip Bar – optional

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The Upper Body Kit unlocks more and better variations for push movements on the kPulley, such as chest press and flies. Moreover, it also enhances your flywheel training in the form of an expanded range of pull movements, such as face pulls, rows and pullovers.

The Upper Body Kit accommodates both standing and seated exercises depending on your preference. kGrips are recommended for best results and maximal exercise variety.


The kit comes with an optional bar, an extension enabling a wider bilateral grip for upper body exercises as well as 2 pairs of straps to further extend & modify the range of motion needed in some exercises.

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SKU O-0002

Double Grip Extension


0.95 kg/2.1 lbs


20 cm x 50 cm/7.9 inches x 19.7 inches


Steel (plate), aluminium (carabiners)

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Double Grip Bar


1 kg/2.2 lbs


114 cm/44.9 inches



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