XC Double Poling Kit

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The XC Double Poling Kit bridges the gap between ski-specific training and strength training on the kPulley by emulating cross-country skiing in the weight room. It incorporates the Double Grip Extension as well as a set of grips of your choice.

Double Grip Extension


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The XC Double Poling Kit optimizes strength training for cross country skiers, by for example allowing you to get the most out of triceps pushdowns on the kPulley. The basic idea is that your grip in the weight room should be the same as on the poles while skiing and flywheel training offers the benefits of safe eccentric overload.


The kit comes with handles of your choice as well as an extension enabling a wider bilateral grip for double poling.

The ergonomically designed A90 grips accommodate more natural ranges of motion during exercise, which in turn maximizes training stimuli & minimizes joint stress.

Whereas the Skigrip is even better suited for cross country skiing given its ski-specific design to emulate your grip when using poles. They allow you to improve your maximum strength in the desired areas without unnecessary fatigue in other muscle groups. Their adjustable straps ensure comfort & good fit during training. Moreover, they are light & compact for training on the go.


SKU O-63792

Double Grip Extension


0.95 kg/2.1 lbs


20 cm x 50 cm/7.9 inches x 19.7 inches


Steel (plate), aluminium (carabiners)

SKU 19090



90 g each (Original), 122 g each (A90)


Pulls, rows, rotations, deadlifts, curls


kBox, kPulley