Revealing the Fourth kBox Generation

As of today, we have started accepting orders for the fourth kBox generation, consisting of the larger, smoother and smarter kBox4 Pro and the compact game changer kBox4 Lite. Here, CEO Erik Lindberg shares the full story and presents a pre-order offering:

kBox4 prototypes Since we launched the kBox3 in December 2014, we have had the pleasure of welcoming many new customers on six continents active in sports, physiotherapy and fitness. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly encouraging and creative.

With the suggestions and ideas shared by all of you, we have spent considerable time and energy developing the next generation flywheel training devices. Today, we are excited to share some details of the new models and their features, as we gear up for shipping of the new series.


The appearance of the new generation may be familiar, as you can see from the final prototype version pictured here. However, the kBox4 series has gone through a major overhaul, and for the first time, it now features two different models.

The new kBox4 Pro is without a doubt the best flywheel training device we have produced to date, catering to the growing demand from professional teams and athletes, successful physiotherapy clinics and top range fitness facilities. At the same time, we now launch the kBox4 Lite, designed to offer an entry-level system for teams, clinics, gym owners, personal trainers and private users, opening up the benefits of flywheel training for completely new user segments. Several new product features that we have worked on for a long time will be included in the kBox4 generation, as well as new and redesigned accessories.

On top of all this, we have reviewed the pricing of the whole product line, making our total offering even more attractive. Furthermore, pre-orders placed now will be offered at a discount, with the first kBox4 Pro deliveries estimated for late October and the kBox4 Lite in late November.

The new models

kBox4 Flywheel auto-lock mechanismAmong the many important improvements of the new series is a reduction of rotational friction by over 50% which will facilitate even more pronounced and precise eccentric overload.

Both models feature a brand new quick-lock flywheel system for fast and convenient inertia changes. The new kBoxes are also stackable, making it possible to place several kBoxes on top of each other when stowed away. Another feature shared by both new models is a flat top surface without visible bolts or holes.

In addition, different models also have unique qualities:

The kBox4 Pro

  • kBox4 Pro prototype…is 22% larger than the kBox3, with a top surface of 55x90cm instead of 45x90cm.
  • …is actually lighter than the kBox3 despite the size increase, at less than 14,5 kg (chassis only, without flywheels).
  • …can be equipped with up to four flywheels including a new 0.070 kgm2 wheel, allowing for a massive total inertia range from 0.010 up to 0.280 kgm2, or 40% more than the kBox3.
  • …has an auto-rewind mechanism for drive belt length adjustment, similar to the kBox3.
  • …can be equipped with re-designed Foot Blocks, offering more convenience and quicker handling.

The kBox4 Lite

  • kBox4 Lite prototype…is more than 25% lighter and also smaller than it’s big brother. The top surface is 45×70 and also slightly lower, making it very compact and easy to stow away.
  • …weighs in at only 10,7 kg, making it the perfect flywheel device for travelling coaches and athletes.
  • …can be equipped with up to two flywheels, for a total inertia range of 0.010 up to 0.100 kgm2.
  • …has a manual system for drive belt length adjustment and easier maintenance and belt change.

The Accessories

HarnessWe also have some important news to share on the accessories:

  • The Harness has been re-designed and now comes in a piece of black fabric, with padded shoulders and a loop in the back of the waist belt. The Harnesses are now also offered in discounted 3-packs (S, M and L) and 5-packs (XS, S, M, L and XL), inviting more customers to acquire the full-size range to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of the users’ size.
  • A new model of kGrips will be introduced and sold in pairs.
  • Ankle CuffWe are now also introducing Ankle Cuffs for the first time, also sold in pairs, facilitating exercises such as the kBox Hip Extension.


With the new functional and technical improvements mentioned, we have still managed not to increase the price of the kBox4 Pro as compared to the previous generation. Due to the strengthened dollar, we have also been able to decrease the previously higher USD prices.

A kBox4 Pro starter system and basic accessories costs from EUR 2,990 (USD 3,345) plus shipping and taxes. The kBox4 Lite on the other hand will cost almost 25% less than the Pro model, opening up flywheel training to completely new categories of users. A starter system with the kBox4 Lite and basic accessories costs EUR 2,300 (USD 2,575) plus shipping and taxes.

Prices of the Flywheels and the Harnesses have also been adjusted downwards, making it more affordable for customers to acquire a complete set of accessories with every kBox.

While our customers have grown used to industry-leading delivery times within days from order, we know that there will be lead times during production ramp-up and we need to ask for a bit of extra patience. However, in return we are offering a 10% pre-order discount for customers paying for their orders before October 10th.

If you need your new kBox system soon, please note that shipping will be prioritized based on the payment date for each order.

Wrapping up

We are really excited about this next phase in the development of global flywheel training, and we look forward to welcoming you to the


To get the full price list or discuss a kBox4 investment for your facility, contact us or reach out to your reseller today.

/Erik Lindberg, CEO




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