The kMeter Updated to v1.5

Thanks to your feedback and ideas, the kMeter 1.5 update is now available on the App Store. Read the introduction by Fredrik Correa:

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So what’s new in this update 1.5?IMG_1028IMG_1008

This time we brought in several things you been asking for, hope you like it.

Voice feedback and power limits

The voice feedback has been expanded and allows for feedback on rep number (counting), average power, peak power, power limits and average speed. The app calls out after each rep to give you good monitoring of your output. The power limits allow you to set a power range and the app will call out “high” or “low” if you go outside this range. Besides voice feedback, the range is also shown as a grey area in the bar graph. This has been a request from our users using the kBox for conditioning so here you go, guys!

ISO mode

ISO mode means you can set the number of pre-reps to 0 and get data from the first concentric action if you use ISO-hold with the release. Interesting to see what happens when you build up some tension before the first rep. When I played around with it some more myself at HQ, I am going to write a longer post about that. We see more and more people using ISO contractions both alone and for pre-tension and release into dynamic actions. I would love to get your feedback on that type of training and how you experience it.

Full-screen on Apple-TV

Apple-TV screen sharing is used by many of you professional users and I’ve heard about some really nice setups with 60″ flat screens and PA systems calling out power numbers so the whole facility can hear it. Users getting instantaneous feedback during training over 6 weeks has been shown to improve performance more compared to a group without feedback. So of course we want to encourage this type of direct and exact feedback to be used more. What we have done is that we fixed such that Apple-TV shows the bar graph in full screen giving a much larger display area. Together with the voice feedback, we hope that this will be a powerful monitoring and motivational tool for you and your users.


Thank you for your feedback, keep it coming! And download version 1.5 of the kMeter on iTunes!

Even if you do not own a kBox, do still check out the app, it’s free and it could potentially give you some ideas of how you can use the kBox in various ways.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder

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