Introducing the Squat Hip Belt for Flywheel Training

Decreasing the minimum investment needed for a complete professional flywheel training system, we are now presenting the new simplified Squat Hip Belt. CEO Erik Lindberg explains:

Squat Hip Belt - back At the Exxentric Summit this weekend, we are introducing a brand new attachment for the kBox flywheel training device.

The new Squat Hip Belt is the ideal entry-level attachment for the kBox, facilitating exercises including the squat which has become so widely associated with flywheel training. Being lightweight yet strong, this belt is developed and tested specifically for flywheel-based resistance training.

Priced at EUR 50 plus shipping and tax, the Squat Hip Belt costs less than a third of the price of the more advanced Harness.

Besides the unit price, one of the key features of the Squat Hip Belt is that it comes in one standard size only. This means that the cost of a complete kBox system decreases dramatically for any performance or physiotherapy facility where multiple Harnesses in different sizes so far has been the only option.

In effect, a complete professional flywheel training platform is now available below EUR 3,000, including attachments for both lower and upper body exercises for users of all sizes.

Further, teams training multiple athletes on a few kBoxes may find it viable to have one personal Squat Hip Belt per user. Thereby the time used for changing harnesses can be avoided completely, for training efficiency and convenience in circuit training, conditioning and more.

The Squat Hip Belt will be available at the Summit and we will start taking orders as of Monday. To get yours or discuss a complete kBox investment, contact us here.

Erik Lindberg/Erik Lindberg, CEO

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