From the Exxentric Summit: The kBox Power Test

Today, we are publishing the kBox Power Test protocol. As presented at the Exxentric Summit, the kBox Power Test is essential to secure comparable power values between users and over time. Here, Fredrik Correa presents the background.

kBox Power TestPower training is essential for athletic performance. For improvement we need measurements. At the Exxentric Summit, I presented our kBox Power Test protocol.

With the kBox Power Test we offer a standardized protocol to test your users to get comparable and reliable data.

Many of our users have done variations of this and we have to played around with this over the years. Since we launched the kMeter feedback system we have had a great tool for easy and accurate measurement but still you need a good protocol. If we all use the same protocol or if the protocol allows for some variation we can aggregate the data in a reference database for everyones benefit.

You can help!

Moving on we hope you will find this to be useful tool in your practise. We hope that you will be able to submit your test data so we can put together a reference database. The end goal would be that we could offer reference values from a wide range of users in terms of gender, age, activity level and sports. Let us know if you want to submit your data to our database!

All data will be anonymous of course. By helping us building a reference data base we can make this a really powerful tool for kBox users. Also, as a participant submitting data you will get earlier access to the database when we have started the collection.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Head of Research & Development

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