Fredrik Correa Interviewed on the Historic Performance Podcast

In today’s episode of the Historic Performance Podcast, Exxentric co-founder Dr Fredrik Correa is interviewed by coach James Darley. Listen to it here.

Historic Performance #45 Based in New York City, Historic Performance Podcast by James Darley provides quality strength and conditioning information to soccer players & powerlifters. The podcast is known to feature some of the brightest strength & conditioning coaches and sports scientists in the world, such as Matt Reeves of Leicester City FC and Dr Mike Young.

In this episode, Fredrik Correa was kindly invited to talk about the history of flywheel training technology, why he developed the kBox, practical applications of flywheel training both for sports performance & personal training, and upcoming research & development projects.

The podcast episode is 54 minutes of flywheel training knowledge. To listen in, go ahead to the Historic Performance Podcast #45.

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