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The kPulley is our flywheel training device optimised for all of your horizontal exercises and movement needs.

The kPulley is the ideal solution for anyone looking to improving their strength by offering flywheel training for rotational and pull exercises but also core and lower limb exercises.

With its versatile wall mounted design, the height of the attachment point can be quickly adjusted almost from floor to roof for multiple different exercises. The kPulley also comes with the kMeter II feedback system built-in and its central housing is coated in the classic Exxentric brown colour.

In combination with a kBox device, the kPulley enables a true full body strength workout with the Exxentric flywheel training solution.

For individuals taller than around 180 cm (6′) we suggest taking a look at the Extension Beam. The Extension Beam allows for your kPulley device able to set the pulley 45 cm (1′ 7.5″) higher, facilitating exercises such as Triceps Pulldown or Lateral Pulldown.

kPulley Starter System

$1,955.00 excl. tax

kPulley Advanced System

$2,390.00 excl. tax

About Exxentric products

Train Up To Your Potential

With the kBox and kPulley, instead of a fixed load determined by gravity when lifting weights, you work against the variable inertia of heavy steel flywheels determined by the effort and energy you unleash into the device.


Engage Every Muscle

These training devices are truly versatile and serve multiple purposes, allowing you to engage your upper body, core and lower body with a wide variety of exercises.

Keep The Gym Nearby

It is completely portable and easy for anybody to carry or stove away.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Its kMeter app-based wireless feedback system can be used to measure and save actual power output and more.

About Exxentric Products

Scientific benefits

Exxentric products are renowned for their genial application of eccentric overload in regular training as well as its variable resistance, both backed by growing scientific support.

Mix and match

Switching between drills and users is quick and hassle-free.


Exxentric products practically doesn’t emit any sound at all.

Lower cost

These benefits result in increased efficiency of training programs while lowering the total costs as compared to alternatives.


kBox4 Pro

With an automatic belt length adjustment mechanism and market leading maximum inertia, the kBox4 Pro also has Foot Block support and larger foot area.

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Try before you buy

Find an Exxentric facility near you

Your satisfaction as an Exxentric customer is our highest priority. Why not try out one of our products before you invest in the equipment? Click here to discover all our resellers in your area!

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