Eccentric Overload Gives Faster Muscles

CSA (muscle size) and force are to common outcomes in studies related to strength (strength training, protein supplements and so on). Since we develop tools for athletes and people that want to perform we like studies that have functional outcomes in performance. This German study showed a significant increase in CSA and jump height for concentric + eccentric training with eccentric overload, with benefits over traditional concentric-eccentric training. Another interesting thing is that they saw an increased expression on mRNA for MHC IIX and glycolytic enzymes and an increased CSA for typ IIx fibres. What did this mean? it means that the overloaded muscle after the training perioded had transformed into a faster muscle! The authors draws the conclusion that this type of training is good for explosive and fast sports. We think they are right.

Happy DOMS,

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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