The kBox4 is the latest generation of premium devices for flywheel training, based on sound scientific support.

The kBox4 comes in two different models, the kBox4 Pro, the kBox4 Lite and the kBox4 Active:


First introduced in 2011, the kBox flywheel training device is in use by performance coaches, physiotherapists and personal trainers worldwide for a wide range of flywheel training applications. Understand the opportunities in your field: Read more.



With the kBox, you work against the variable inertia of heavy steel flywheels, instead of lifting weights against gravity.

The kBox is renowned for its genial application of eccentric overload in regular training as well as its variable resistance, both backed by growing scientific support.

It also offers a number of important practical benefits, including:

  • It is a truly versatile multi-purpose training device, for exercises training both upper body, core and lower body.
  • It is completely portable and easy for one person to carry or stove away.
  • Its kMeter app-based wireless feedback system can be used to measure and save actual power output and more.
  • Switching between drills and users is quick and hassle-free.
  • The kBox practically doesn’t emit any sound at all.

These benefits result in increased efficiency of training programs while lowering the total costs as compared to alternatives. Read more.



The price of a kBox4 Active starter system is 1,410 Euro plus local tax and shipping, and the corresponding price of a kBox4 Lite starter system is 2,190 Euro and a kBox4 Pro starter system is 2,990 Euro.

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Systems starting at €1,410 / $1,585.
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The kBox facilitates 30+ exercises for flywheel training.

kBoxSquat kBoxDeadlift kBoxSplitSquat kBoxHighPull kBoxBicepsCurl kBoxTricepsExtension kBoxHipExt 

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